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1.5 grams dried...omfg

"Where not really moving....are we?"

 It all stared as a very very boring day, during the summer of 2011. My friend Caw and I were bored and had 50 bucks layin around. So i suggested we get a hallucinagen of some sort either acid or shrooms. Luckily i knew someone who had some very potent shrooms just laying around so we bought those and a ten bag at about 7 PM, ate them and then we finished them at about 7:30ish. at about 7:45 we got to the 7/11 where my friend coli was working and he wated to see us on our first shrooms trip but as we crossed the street our friend Log drove up outta nowhere! He asked us if we wanted to match him with some grape ape so we did in his car and halfway through the smoke sesh i realized im am so fucked up...litterally BEYOND high. Things started to move, the world looked strange everything happened very slow but fast. I looked out of the window of the car and it looked like we were slowly rolling forword but i then remeber that i ate shrooms with Caw and then i said, "We're not really moving....are we?" and Caw and Log started laughing and said wow those kicked in mid-smoke sesh and i was blown away! I bummed a cig off my friend Erich who also come outta nowhere, and i was so fucking thankfull. Now after we got the cig Log said he had to go to his friends house and to call him later so we can smoke more bud. Me and Caw (who's the one thats also tripping with me incase you forgot ;P) got out of the car and walking felt so weird but awesome, we made it probably 15 feet till me and Caw just fell against the wall of Tony's Cafe which is litterally Acorss a little street that leads into the 7/11 parking lot and Caw said turn around dude...there's a whole world around you so i did and there was!! For some reason it blew me the fuck away so i walked and explored and eventually came running back to tell Caw what i saw but i forgot :P After me and Caw fucked around for a bit (still up against tonys cafe at prolly 8:15 or so) i noticed that Caw was looking at something that was really funny to him so i turned around to see and i, to my shock and surpirse,  see Log just Laughing his fucking ass off at what me and Caw are doing so i started laughing really hard too. We eventaully made it into the 711 where we meet coli and got a slurpee...Fucking heaven. It was so stressfulll in the 7/11 cause there were a lot off people in there and i felt like they were all looking at me and i was quietly talking to myself and i thought they could hear what i was saying and i kept dropping shit so i got the fuck outta there and me and Caw, decided to wait till 9 when coli got off of work. We wondered off to our school that we passed on the way there and go to the park that was there and just wait for coli to call us. It was light out when were at the 711 or so i thought. It was actually dark out and when we got to the school it was light out...I think. These shrooms fucked me up. On the way to the park i had very intresting CEV's and mild OEV's i.e Breating melting weird lights etc. I was my own facial expressions whenever i closed my eyes. But their were like five of my own face and i could see colors and patterns going around my head so i opened my eyes and i saw the same patterns but less obvious. I looked like a ball or energy rotating and playing music and around that ball were more lines and highways or colors and moving stuff. Then Coli called and i was so relieved that he called cause me and Caw both had this feeling like we had somewhere to go but we needed to meet Coli at the park we were at. And they finally came and we left to go meet up with Log and they wanted to go this lakeside festival at the beach but me and Caw wouldn't have that shit!! once we met up with logan we met these girls and they were hot at first... Then we walked to this big wall at a middle school near the festival to smoke some more weed. I felt a need to scale that mother fuckin wall and they girls knew me and Caw where trippin on mushrooms so they were trying to babysit me and i litteraly had to tell them to stfu they have know clue what's going on cause they've never done shrooms so i was pissed off at them but i did scale that mother fuckin wall haha ;). But when i got up there THOSE FUCKING girls thought was going to jump and hurt my self. Now i'm a very agile person so its easy to get up and down that wall for me but they didnt know that so i decided to have some fun, and act like the mushrooms were telling me to kill myself and i was going to do it and they girls were all like omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg and i jumped and landed perfectly and said lemme get a hit :) stupid fucks....
So after that they all went to the fest for like 20 or 30 mins and me and Caw decided to stay back cause we didnt want the paranoia and stress that same with shrooms and people staring at you haha. Me and Caw simply talked about how we were kinda coming back to reallity and that we can finally talk about walks happening cause before when we were at the park all we could say was dude! omg i cant...wtf... We couldnt form complete sentences and during this time Caw said he thought we were in a hospital so i thought it would be funny to act like i was a zombie and it really scared him haha so i kinda felt bad that i was inducing a bad trip but thankfully Caw said that It wasnt bad it was cool But a little acary at the time. But this was back at the school and park (sorry talking in circles kinda :P.) So Me and Caw decided to go for a walk and thought it was funny cause coli said dont move from the swings he left us at cause he didnt wanna lose us. We started walking, still trippin pretty good, and Caw kept asking where we were and i said in a very trippy wierd voice (kinda like a wizard) " Young Caw, I shall lead us back to the point of origin from which we started and he didnt believe me hahahahlolololololol so we got back to te middle school (which Caw was oblivious to) and sat on a bench under a tree, we talked about our trips and how they were currently as we sat on the bench, and again Caw said were are we and i smiled at him and pointed to my left at the swingset just across a small field and i saw "back where we started :)" and this sent Caw into shambles haha. We smoked another bowl when they got back and then left and ended the night. Me and Caw, Still high on the shrooms and weed, went back to my house to kill sum zombehzzz :) and fall asleep. Thats my trip and i hope it was as much fun ready as it was for me tripping haha. even though i know thats not possible :P 

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