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My first time on mushrooms

4 grams

I was at my friends house and I had been ready to try mushrooms for a long time. Me and 3 friends split on 11 grams of dried mushrooms. My friend "C" was the only one of us who had done mushrooms before, and suggested we start at a small dose. He took 1 gram, my other 2 friends took 3 grams and I took 4 grams ignoring his suggestion. 

The come up:
We all laid on a couch and watched tv as we waited for the mushrooms to kick in. It was about a half an hour later where I started to feel a bit weird, but couldn't explain what I was feeling. I felt a sense of warmth and comfort, and had butterflies in my stomach. As I first started to notice the visuals, we went into my friends basement and stared at a paint splattered board. I was staring at the board when all of a sudden the design would pop out in the air, spin around, then return back to the board. This is when I thought "haha I took way too much of this drug." And that was only the beginning.  

The onset:
It started where I would try my best to focus on reality, but before I knew it I forgot entirely where I was and what I was doing. Me and my friend "B" laid in a bed with the lights shut off. I would hear zooming sounds going passed my ears, and I saw purple fluorescent colours everywhere. It was like looking into a kaleidoscope, where all designs were twirling around and repeating themselves. I saw what appeared to be little skull heads twirling around in the air, but they were very non threatening and actually very calming. I knew these heads were just a hallucination and I saw them more as a design. When I was staring up into the darkness of the room, it was like looking up into space, and I could not tell what was real or not. After having the lights off for about a half an hour, we turned the lights on. The whole room was swaying back and fourth and I found it very hard to stand. The whole room had a green tinge to it, and I found it very pleasant to just stand there and walk around in the room. 

As we left the room, we went and stared in the mirror. I always thought I was a good looking guy, until i saw myself on mushrooms. I thought I looked like the weirdest person in the world, and I felt primal and almost animal like. My pupils were huge and dilated, and I did not like what I saw. After we left the mirror I went in the kitchen and saw that it was 12:24. I thought to myself, how has it only been an hour since I've been tripping, it feels way longer than that. Then I walked around for a bit which felt like around 15 minutes and returned to the kitchen, and the clock read 12:24. I had no conception of time! It felt like it was 12:24 for at least 15minutes! 

After that I went and laid in a bed next to my other friend "C" in the darkness. I looked over at the curtain and I thought it was very windy because it was moving back and forth violently. This was the weirdest part of the trip, because I laid there in the darkness, with nothing but my mind to occupy me. This is where I discovered some mysteries about people and life. I would begin to escape my body and in-vision myself just being emptiness. The weirdest part about feeling empty, was that it was the most familiar feeling I have ever had. I believe that that is what it feels like being dead, because I had a total ego death. I would sometimes shout out "what is life? And who am I?" to my friend, who had only taken 1 gram. He would just get mad at me, because he was not tripping as hard. But they were serious questions. 

The come down: 
After about 6 hours of non stop tripping, I began to come back to reality. I turned on the television and started watching sports highlights. However I did not pay attention to the sports highlights, I could only focus on how weird the people looked. I thought they looked like skeleton people, and everyone I was with agreed with me. After my visuals started to die down, I decided it was time to sleep and closed my eyes and fell asleep. 

Words cannot describe the way I felt that night, and I will never forget some of my outbreaks with life and my mind. I realized things about myself and about the mysteries of life, that only make sense if you try mushrooms. Since that trip, I have taken smaller doses, because at that dose it was a bit overwhelming. I would have liked to have been ready for the ego death, but it was all too much. I still very much enjoyed my trip and suggest everyone to try mushrooms at a larger dose at least one in their life. 

Thanks for reading my trip report!

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