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first time

8th of gold caps

 so monday i left work to go pick up 10 grams of gold caps, paid 5/g plus 10 cuz he was gonna use them himself, after work i went and met mah buds and snuck outta ones house at 11ish to go out to the others house cuz his parents were in the states. on the 50 min walk we ate bout 3 or 4 stems each, and when we got to mah buds house i made some tea while they smoked a joint ( i didnt wanna smoke up ) . once the tea was ready we strained it into coffee cups and colson added like a ass ton of sugar cuz he didnt have cool aid or honey and we had to pinch our noses and chug this sugar sludge water it was so bad im still givin colson shit for it :p then we sat down to watch teletoon at night, sum robot chicken and shit  while waiting for the trip to start. my first noticible effect was the fireplace had black tile with white grout, the black and white would almost switch, like one of those optical illusions with the dots. then i looked to Lyle and it looked like he had tribal style tatoos spinning on his face.... for a moment then his eyes moved apart and me and colson had a conversation regarding lyles face ahha. then more tv and i got pissed at this retarded show about the devisl daughter it wasnt good, and then i turned the tv off to sighs of releif from mah buds. then we went to colsons room thats adorned with stolen signs from elections, real estate signs, sweeping / snow removal signs and signs stoled from school. we walked in, closed the door and started flicking the lights on and off while laughing histaricly at 3 am and then i felt like a second of sobriety like guys look at us calm down we'll wake the neighbors but then i lost the feeling and went back outside to lay on the couch and hit my head on the door frame of the bathroom ( im over 6'5'' ) then after staring at shit they went in search of pussy and i went into my own realm of eyes closed visuals that were impossible, contradictory, geometrical shapes. pussy arrived around 430 well around the sober up they went off and did their thing with the 2 girls i layed on the couch as to stay loyal to my lovely girlfriend :) wonderful trip, hoping to get more for canada day or even try LSD for a first time! thanks for reading, and happy tripps !

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