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My First trip

Whoa Baby!

I was just sitting at home one morning and my friend called me and said "come over i think i'm getting shrooms". I went right over to his house and we waited hours until we actually had the shrooms in front of us. The mushrooms were all blue with a golden cap, and the smell was something like burnt popcorn. I didn't mind eating them at all, they tasted much better than i expected. After about 5 mushrooms me and my friend went in his backyard and smoked 2 blunts (at this point i haven't felt anything from the shrooms, but i'm high as tits) about 15 minutes later while we are outside his house my trip began........

I was sitting on my ass on the grass, and noticed that my friends grass was very bright and that he had very bright colors all throughout his house. ( My friend knows how to be a fucking prick, and since he wasn't feeling anything yet all he did was say what i said to him over again). After about the 3rd time he did that i got up and went into his house and went to his room where my trip sky rocketed.

While sitting there in his basement i noticed the door was being stretched. The top right corner was inverted like corner of the door was missing. The normal things happened like the melting of objects, shifting, colors, and the hallucinations. At one point i stared off at my friends wall and a green snake shot at me from the wall (the snake was about the size of the wall and had green horizontal lines running through its face. 

The time was going by very quickly, and i understand that i am very bad at writing, but the final thing that happened on my trip is what i'm going to remember for the rest of my life.

I was sitting on my friends bed with my head facing down towards the floor. The carpet he has is very furry and comfy :). as i was looking in the carpet i began to watch a movie, i know its hard to understand but if anyone reading this has seen or heard of the spongebob squarepants movie, i watched a shortened version of the movie in the carpet. 

Alrighty well i'm definitely trying these again so if u hated this trip report (because it was my first and ill get used to it) than i'm sorry and imma let you finish reading this, but Beyonce had the best trip of all time.

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