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That Was Crazy

Pure ecstasy

This is the report of my first "real" trip. I decided that my previous experiences weren't enough; my past trips consisted of just a couple caps and stems of some strain that i have no clue what they were, just some ugly looking things! Well, those past trips don't matter now, the past experiences gave me no more than a severe case of the giggles... but this was different, this was intense.

To experience this new level of trip i went out and bought about 100 dollars worth of shrooms. i'm not sure what kind, but they looked different from anything i've tried before, they were black under the cap and the rest had a kind of white coating to it. My little bro has never tried mushies before, but has always wanted too, so i invited him to trip with me. We split the bag 50-50, ate our share, and had my cousin make the little pieces into tea.(he was also our trip sitter)  After eating our white little friends we went to go play black ops TDM split screen. About 45mins in mine started to hit me, i asked my brother if he felt his yet and he said "No, i feel the same"  Well, about 20 minutes later he felt his and we both had to stop playing cod because we were doing terrible. My cousin then called us over to go watch some lightshows on his computer. The music really kicked in our high, we started to get the giggles hardcore. My brother went over on his bed and was rolling around in the blankets tripping out on something, and i layed down on mine and looked at this green towel on my bed. My cousin was still bumping music for us and i was zoning in on the towel, the little stringy fibers of the towel started to all move like grass blowing in the breeze. I looked even closer and the fibers were going with the beat, they then started to form together and make tiny little circle shapes that started to sing to me the music i was hearing! This tripped me out and i told my cousin. He asked me where my brother was so got up and looked around to find him all wrapped up in multiple blankets on the floor stuck between the two beds. He thought the beds were eating him. I pulled him out and we then wanted to go outside. (i live on an indian reservation and most of outside is nature) It was beautiful, i literally thought i was in the kingdom of heaven; and thats saying a lot from someone who doesn't believe in that sort of thing! We then went back inside and sat by my cousin who had the idea to give us both lightshows. 

The problem was he has no gloves. you'd think that was a problem, but i told him to do it anyway. He started to bump some dub-step and played the stobelight app on his phone. When he started to give the lightshow something amazing happend. His hands were moving fast and when the music made a hard beat little lights apearred where his finger tips where at that moment, but the lights stayed in the air even when he moved his fingers creating more lights. Then he motioned his hand like by flicking all his fingers out to make his hand go from a fist to a high five like motion. Him doing this made all the lights he gathered fly right past my face! It was one of the greatest things i've ever seen. I wanted my brother to experience this greatness as well so i managed to hold the strobelight(That i thought were magical powers at the time!) but my brother was so not in control that when my cousing started the lightshow he couldn't handle it, freaked out, and ran and hid behind his chair. He then went on the show me videos of people giving lightshows and one got me feeling really great, i was dancing to the beat and watching the video, which had lights in the background that were coming out of my computer and filled the room. When the beat dropped all the lights dispersed and i just dropped to the floor. The feeling i could describe was pure ecstasy. Then something bad happened. we had an unexpected guest. He was a friend of my cousin that i know well, but my brother hardly knows the guy. What happened next wasn't good. 

My brother didn't know him and the only way he could rationalize it was to think he was dreaming. He was wide awake, yet thought this was all just a dream. My friends name is Garren, and he was asking me why i was on the floor. I told him that i'm feeling great, but my brother said nothing.
Garren then told my brother to drink some milk to kill his high, for some reason this scared him and he bolted out the door and down the street. I went running after, but that made things worse. He looked back to see me charging after him, this made him run harder. Outside it felt like i was running down a road in the middle of the desert. There was no way i could catch him on foot, he was running faster than i've ever seen someone run before. My cousin went after him in his car and we needed to catch him before he ran to his dads house, his dad would have been pissed if he found out i gave his son shrooms. Luckily he ran down the wrong road and we caught up to him. We took him back to the house and he went into the room and sat there for a few minutes. I then noticed that the shrooms were wearing off, i looked over at my brother and could tell that he was sober too. I asked him what he could remember and he said he remembers the bed trying to eat him and nothing else until now. He then said that he thought it was all a dream. I have to say that even though that was way more intense than i expected, i had a really fun time. 

For my next trip i'm planning to eat half an ounce this october at knotts scary farm! 

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