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crazy trip

well it started ot at a small drug and alchol free party.

well it started ot at a small drug and alchol free party.

I ran into a friend who had chocolate candy with shrooms in it. me and my frind bought one. we went home later that night and ate the candy. It was really really gross. We at and sat in his room for buot 30 min and then decided to go out side. it was probably 11:00 and we met up with luke, a freind who lives down the road.

Then as i looked down at the road, it seemed like it was a fucking river.i was like holy fuck. this was my first time ever tripin on shrooms, although ive done cid before. we got rid of luke and walked through a trail. We sat down on a log and staired a trees for an hour. It was absoulty the most incredable feeling ever. then we went back to my friends house. he wanted to go inside a sleep, and i was like dude wtf, i wanna expeament some more. so i went out to his backyard and sat in a hammackoc. Thats when i startded to trip mad balls. The shed was hoppin around his yard and the trees we bright green. I was the most happy kid in the world, but yet i was so lone. i walked down the road some and watched a fence start to move. by this time it was like 2:00 am. i decided t go back and try to sleep.

As i entered his room, it was pitch blck with his computer on sleep, i couldsee the printer and moniter ligt floating arond the room, and then i totaly forgot where i was.

i fnally pulled my self into his room and to bed.the table was alll wavy and distorted. i couldnt fall alseep so i layed in bed wth my clothes on tll i fell asleep.

my friend sleep throuh the best parts and i dont know how.
i couldnt sleep for shit.

the next morning i was extreamly impressed and fasanated with shrooms. My friend was like .... "Dude those were gay", and i said that cuz u sleept through it pussy

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