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Tree of Knowledge

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First week of summer vacation after graduating high school. I had finally found a mushroom connect after searching forever. Unless you know the right people mushrooms are extremely hard to come by in my area. So the day finally came when I was going to go on a galactic adventure. It was NOT meticulously planned just something sort of spontaneous. My friend Ashley and Katelyn we're supposed to burn with me and my two other friends Michael and Tim. But then I decided it'd be a great idea if we all shroomed together since they are great people. Although the problem was we needed to drive to the guys house to get the mushrooms but nobody had a car at that time for one reason or another. My friend Katelyn was going to sneak her moms car out at around midnight and we were all supposed to get picked up to go to the guys house.  None of that happened and me and my two friends decided to take matters into our own hands and walk to the guys house which was about 4 miles. Which wasn't too bad of a walk in actuality. We got them and we finally got the car and we were going to get picked up but once we seen the mushrooms we thought there was only a little bit. Since it was all our first times and while we were knowledgeable about it's effects we were bit familiar with weight and how much we should take. We decided that we only had two options. Share the mushrooms with 6 people (a little more than half an ounce) and have a mild trip. Or share them between the 3 of us and have an amazing trip. We underestimated the power of the mushroom and thought we could take it all ourselves and be ok. So we told our friends Ashly and Katelyn that we didnt buy enough and that it wouldnt be enough for all of us. They weren't too disappointed and we made our separate ways. We still had the walk back to my house from the shroom guys house so we decided to take a half of our shares. 

By the time we got back to my house the mushrooms were already kicking in. It was around 1 AM at this time and I decided to play the rainbow level on wii mario kart. I turned the volume down and played Skrillex on my stereo and let the mushrooms take over. I was having a blast but my friend Michael was starting to act strange and he just smiled at me for what seemed a few hours. My friend Tim and I started talking about how creepy he was but thought nothing much of it after. I started to get kind of bored with the video game as my visuals were getting better. I told my friends that we were going to go hike on the hills by my house and we were going to go star gazing. They both seemed to kind of not want to but didnt really care. After we went outside I played some instrumental guitar on my phone as loud as a could and started making way to the hills which were about 10 minutes away. 

As we walked the visuals started getting a little stronger and the music was vibrating in my ears. The walk down my street onto the main road seemed like it took FOREVER just to get to the end of the street into the intersection. I felt like I had already traveled so far. As we got to the bottom of the hill my friend Tim said that he needed to go home. I fully accepted it but started crying and I was EXTREMELY sad that I he was leaving. I didnt realize that we werent at the bottom of the hill but actually in the middle of the street. I hugged Tim goodbye and felt really good after that. I knew this is the way it had to be. It was now me and my friend Michael only and we decided to venture off into the hills.

Once we got into the top and into the trails was when the mushrooms started to hit me full force. My friend turned into a young shaman girl and I told her that we would go on an adventure and that I was ready. After this point things started to get a little patchy and I cant remember much except very strong hallucinations and trances that id fall into. We sat in the middle of a trail halfway up the hill and just sat for the longest time. I decided to literally start climbing the hill and as I looked down I seen plants shaped like babies all over the ground on the hill. They were saying something but I couldnt decipher just what. I finally found a spot to sit and when I looked down I was really up high and my friend Michael at the bottom sitting on the trail. I remember I kept yelling and talking and just laughing. I was SO LOUD. and my friend kept telling me to be quiet and I would just laugh. I then put myself in a half lotus position and started meditating. I am very familiar with meditation and spiritual practices. instantly when I close my eyes I was sucked out of my body and into a trance. Events, people, designs, abstractions, and strong kaleidoscope colors would show up all over my eyes. I kept going in and out of these trances as a meditated. I then decided to come down and slide down the hill. It felt amazing and I felt like I was going at light speed. My friend started talking to me about something of which I wasnt really interested in at the moment cause I was tripped out. 

I decided to walk up the trail more and spotted a tree at the edge of the hill where the city can be overlooked. In the distance the tree seemed to be standing with a few other trees. I immediately felt there archaic and wise presence when I got there. When I got to the tree I seen some torn up boxes at the foot of the tree? I didnt think nothing of it and just say there with the trees. They started whispering secrets of the universe to me. I just sat there in a semi fetal position just listening to what they had to say. They we're giving me the ultimate wisdom and I felt I had known too much. This whole journey I had been the seeker. I was looking for more and searching for the ultimate truths the universe witheld from me. and now that they have whispered it to me I could not bear the knowledge. I got up and yelled "take it back" and I ran down the trail to my friend Michael. He was just staring into the ether talking to himself. I ran up the hill once more and just sat there. My nose started to get really runny so I threw it away. My nose was gone and I could not find out. I began sort of chewing and felt like my jaw was down to my lap. I had lost my nose and the lower half of my jaw and I was pretty upset. I began to look for it everywhere. I then decided to call my friend Ashley and asked her if she had my nose. I didnt know what she said but it was creepy so I threw my phone in the grass and ran around. I had finally found my nose and jaw! although they were only loosely detached.

After a few more trippy occurances and trances similar to the ones above I just say at the edge of the hill. I just sat there for the longest time and drank carnberry juice but kept spilling it all over the place. After some silence I felt I rush from my spine to my head and I felt like I had finally woken up. I started breathing hard and hyperventilated. I felt reborn and my whole body felt wet. Like it had just come out of the womb. I felt like I was back on earth. Well partially. After dying and coming back to life a few more times I decided it was time to go home. The walk back seemed to be extremely creepy as it was 4AM byt that time. I saw movie directors and news cast vans all over the place. I reminded myself that it was only a figment of my imagination?? the walk back was miserable as I was crying and crying so hard because I wanted to go home and felt like my house was 1000 miles away. I cried about what  I think was 30 more times about other stupid stuff. I crashed at my friends place after. definitely changed my life in ways words can never EVER describe. Heaven and hell came for me. and I endured. 

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