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floating sheep

the first time i tripped

  • My first trip i was totally un prepaired and didnt know they were going to be available, went to a friends house and he said "here eat some shrooms" and being the free spirit that i am i obliged. Twas three fresh medium sized cubnissis i believe (i had no idea what type they were at the time). they didnt kick in real fast so we smoked some herb. watched tv and just sat around complaining. I got bored with that pretty quick so about 45 mins into it i decided i was tired so i went home. At the time i lived in a trailer with no electricity and mostly open holes where the windows should have been (yup one step above homeless) . So i walk in the door and pet my pit bull and floped on the bed turned on my battery opperated lntern and try to read a book. I say try because it was obvioiusly not going to work. the words were bluring and tracing all over the paige. i layed down but couldent go to sleep , just stairing out one of the holes where a window should have been. i was just sitting there being thankfull about having some walls to hold up the roof as it had started sprinkling . anny way this trailer was across the road from a small sheep farm. and i realized  thet i could see the sheep clearly and that was just not possable, first it was about 600 yards to where the sheep pasture was, and it was a moonless night . I started talking to old pitterbull (not a reaction to the shrooms ). at this point im probably 2 hours in when i get distracted by the sheep across the road again. this time they are more like fluffy cottin balls than detailed sheep. they start drifting up and down the hill. back and forth then over the fence and across the road and down towards the buddies house that had provided the treet. i lost track of time and fell asleep. Woke up refreshed and ready to hit the oil patch where i worked  with the same buddy. kinda hipity hopped down to his house and was expecting to wake him up (i was early). nope he was up too but had had a bad trip and was not going to work. seems he had quite a fwe shrooms and when i left he wasent lifted so he doubled his dose, this was pre-mature and he had a stomach ache. he told me he smoked some more herb and that didnt help so he induced vomiting and watched as his organs started leaving his body through his mouth. there was a long story about how he was sorry and he thought he had misidentified them and was i sic ? Nope matter of fact it was one of the coolest nites i had had in the year prior due to my being able to escape my crappy position in life. he sat out a day at work and by the time i got to his house that after noon he was realizing that maby he shouldent have tossed out the remainder  cause he wasnt dead from puking up hi organs. oh well he didnt need anymore at that point any way. Thanks,

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