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Wise Man In The Wall

Blimp ceilings and running walls!

This was not the first time I had indulged into the beautiful and magical world of Psilocybin. This was however, my first time "tripping the fuck out". I'm sure many readers understand what I mean when I say that. That being said, on to the story.


We sat in my Colin's basement with an eager boredom. Chris was there too, as well as Tim, and Julia. From what I can remember, Colin and I had just finished smoking weed. He was staring at his shoes for a while when he finally exclaimed, "I got it!" I looked up at him with a confused face.

"Chris' brother made those mushroom chocolates right?! We could buy some!" He said in excitement.

Chris replied, "How are we supposed to afford that, plus he already sold those so your shit out of luck regardless." 

Julia interrupted, "I know for a fact that DJ has some of those. He's selling them for 20$ a piece."

Colin eagerly re-entered the conversation, I could tell he already had it all figured out. "Awesome. I just took 80$ out of the bank account so I'm going to buy three chocolates, a pack of cigarettes, and a dime bag. Hows that sound guys, my treat?" 

Chris and I exclaimed, "FUCK YES."


We drove to pick up the goods. Julia left the car with Chris, while Tim, Colin, and I waited. Tim doesn't touch drugs and Julia felt uneasy about tripping, so it was just Colin, Chris, and I tripping. They re-entered the car with three chocolates. Colin handed them out and we thanked him abundantly. I couldnt wait, so I shoved that whole fucker right into my mouth. I've had baked goods with weed, shrooms, even acid in them, and NOTHING compares to the taste of these chocolates. They were the richest, creamiest, tastiest, melt-in-your-mouth shroom chocolates I have ever had. They car full of friends saw my actions and quickly caught on. Colin and Chris indulged.


We got back to the basement and sat in our respective chairs. They were all moderately comfortable antique chairs we had acquired from the sides of the road in the past. At this point, Julia went to do her own thing, so it was just Colin, Chris, Tim(sober), and I. 

At about a half hour after ingestion I started to feel light. My body was warm and glowing, sort of fuzzy. I clenched the arms of my chair and watched the zebra print that Julia had painted on the wall start to come alive. It ran through and past one another, each black stripe wiggling its own unique path. I was interrupted by Chris. 

"The ceiling. The ceiling is like a blimb. A blomb. A blimp. Yeah a blimp."

"Holy..." murmured Colin.

We then, in unison, began the ritual trip laughter. We laughed and laughed for what seemed like hours. Once we quieted down again, my auditory sense seemed to slowly decrease until it was completely gone. I began to melt back into the surrealness of the zebra wall. Then I saw him. What I explained to my buddy's to be "The wise man in the wall", resembled that of the monopoly guy(the one with the suit and the hat). Now, I dont know for sure if he has a monocle, but this guy did, and I was more than okay with it. Through the zebra pattern he turned his cartoon-like head at an angle, so he was facing me with only one eye. His monocle rest upon his face as he raised an eyebrow. I could tell this characters story just by this look. I could tell it was wisdom and nothing else. Wisdom, represented by the monopoly man. I glared at him and he glared at me. My eyes never strayed from his. I dont even think I blinked, which I feel increased my visuals. His power started to shoot in strong/powerful pulses, off the walls, and into me. I could feel my skin and soul absorbing this energy. After about 15 minutes of my time with the wise man, he departed miraculously. 

My audio turned back on slowly and gradually. I came in at just the right time. Chris was playing Rhinoceros by Smashing Pumpkins. It had just started. I stood up and instantly lit a cigarette. I danced with my cigarette, the entire song, enjoying the beautiful trails from the ember. I also vaguely remember looking at the wood grain on the door dancing along with me and my cigarette. Chris was very passive, so he just assumed I was doing my own thing. Colin saw me and giggled. I laughed back at him and sat back down. I told them both about the cigarette and how beautiful the ember looked. Solely  the cigarette ember looked like a slowly growing citadel made of stone and lava. It was a masterpiece. Next time you smoke a cigarette in the dark check that shit out.

In unison we all began to scream in joy as we looked out the window into the moonlit sky. The trees were waving back at us as stars frolicked. We watched in a zombie-like awe until dawn came. By the time it was dawn, we were mostly down from the trip. We exchanged stories, and it seemed as though we all had insane trips, but we werent together.  We forgot about Tim. We looked over and asked him what happened and all he said was, "Fuck this, I'm outta here." 

Tim left. Chris, Colin, and I laughed in a sober hysteria, wiped our tears, and went to bed with a grin on our faces.

One chocolate, 2 grams of shrooms inside. Unreal trip.

Tim later explained to us that we sat there murmuring bullshit for 6 hours. He said nothing made sense, and Colin even left the room unannounced for 45 minutes and came back without word. He said he could tell we were having a good time though, so he let us go (:

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