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A long walk

When you've never tripped before...

It was my first time I ever tripped. It was about 2.5/3.0g dried Panaeolus caps and assorted roots. After checking in with mom I decided to see what was going on at my friend "J"s house. I arrived and received the amount of mush I payed (10 a g). J heated up some water for me and the rest of the 4 other people, and mixed the electric dark blue shroom water in a large glass of lemonade. After eating and drinking the veggies and juice J, me, and my friends C and R decide to go on a walk. We walk down to the marine science university about half a mile from Js house. Half way down the street C and R decide they don't want to walk around and go back to our spot. Me and J trek on, determined as ever. At this point (about 20 minutes after ingestion.) I feel like i just smoked a few bowls, but no visuals yet. As we walk, we reach a small dock that goes into the water. We sit for a couple minutes, and I my sight changes to a brick wall that J is sitting against. As I look carfully into the small cracks and dripped paint, A flux like effect takes effect. Thinking its all in my head, I ask J, who confirms this. We look into the water where some half-submerged boulders now look like drawings and the lamps at the dock across the channel are starting to glow accordingly. Excited that the trip is starting, me and J start to talk. About half way into our conversation, we notice a truck pull up to what I assume to be the owners of this landing. We politely walk off without a word and walk through the under construction Marine Science institute. Me and J had always been best friends, but we were being unusually chatty and talking about everything we noticed or thought of. After wallking through the massive compound, we decide we need to pick up our friends, C, R, G, and S. After walking for another 15 or 20 minutes, I notice a fractal around all the lights, and a "glowing" feeling within. The street seems to be drawn with a crayon. We arrive at out destination, and even after the long walk there, decide that it would be a bad idea to go inside, fearing that we will be critisized by G and S. All of a sudden, I turn, and my friend K (Who was C, R, S and Gs trip sitter) is walking towards me. We decide it would be fun to walk to the skatepark (another mile and a half away.) This does not phase me besides my intense sweating, because at this point, everything I look at (walls, ground, sky) is moving a twisting with a light-spectrum to everyword I say. Me and J cannot communicate with K at this time. We keep telling him that he "dosen't get it" and we keep asking him to "be honest and real." J is now rambling on and on about how "fake" everybody is. Including me and him. After about another hour of walking, we reach the skatepark, and I realize that I'm exausted. This is when the trip gets at its best. We lay down on the cool cement, and stare up at the stars. The stars are moving back and forth and "talking" to eachother. I look at my hand and I feel like I'm melting into the ground. I close my eyes and see three revolving spheres in 3D. I open my eyes suddenly and realize that my white shirt is now swirling with colors and that the ramps are glowing and seem to be perfectly smooth. I stand up and look around, and realize that for the first time in my life, that I'm kind of tall. I laugh to my self and with every breath I take laughing, the colors are pulsing and swirling to the sound. I feel dizzy almost, and feel like I am late and should start walking home. I look at my whatch and what seems like an eternety has really just been 15 minutes. I start to think my foot is falling asleep, so a quick run should wake it up. I run and all of a sudden, all of my sences burst and I feel refreshed and new. Everything I see is so clear and chrisp...and moving and crawling. The pebbles in the parking lot seem to be rolling without any force, like little bugs. I run across to the play ground and my feet make contact with the gravel ground and I fall. Hard. I feel like I am swiming in a sea of rocks. Looking at the time, I realize that the 15 minutes is now about an hour and a half. Realizing that I am now late, I start walking home. But I feel like I'm forgetting something. Disregarding this, I walk home, and quickly go into my room. My 9 year old little brother is in my room. We then proceed to talk for hours about whatever while I stare at my celing. The knots  in the wood seem to be swimming like fish. I am amazed by the youth and child like innocence of my brother. I am being surprisingly nice to him, and even stay up all night just to talk to him. I then realize what I forgot. I forgot about K and J. I find the next day J had a horrible trip and ended up running down the street yelling "S**T" and "B***H" and "N****R". I then learned a kid at school found him and purposly threw him into a bad trip for fun. All in all, it was a huge learning experence and have tripped on 2C-E, Mush, and acid. 

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