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Prying open my third eye for the first time.

     Names have been changed in this story.             

                   So it was a boring day in my hometown, go firgure and I had just gotten off of work. My two best friends call me and are exremely giddy and giggly. They quickly invited me to visit. I drove down and headed upstairs. I walk into a room with some generic 60's psychedelic music and my two friends sitting on his bed. Jeff looks at me and just smiles wide-eyed and starts chuckling. Kelsey did the same. Jeff ran over to me and just goes, "LSD man."  My friend convinced me to try it. Had I known the process of retreiving this substance in my town, I would NOT have done it. So after driving twenty minutes to hop into some kids car then driving into the middle of the woods to wait for some gangster white boy to deliever the goods. All the while Jeff is tripping balls and just screaming in the back of the van we were in. So I cough up, I'm embarassed to say because this douche ripped us off, $15 for my hit and pocketed it.

                   I proceeded to take my two friends home and drove home myself. I get at about midnight and was laying in my room watching Harold and Kumar 2. I was nervous about ingesting this little tab I had wrapped in aluminum foil so I just manned up and took it. Thiry minutes later disappointment sets in as I wasn't feeling shit. I decided to lay down and just sleep. Several minutes later my eyes shoot open and I'm awake. I decided to continue watching my movie. NPH runs out of the whore house and gets shot in the back, as soon at that happened Harold and Kumar screamed. As they yelled, their faces morphed and twisted inward and I then understood I was tripping.

                   Do note I had no idea what I was doing, this was just a thing to get fucked up for me. I sat and thought about myself and how I lived my life for then rest of the movie. Then threw on how to train your dragon and just went crazy laughing. My phone started ringing, it was Jeff.

"*giggling* Hello?"  
"Yo you take it?"  
"LOL, dude I don't even know where I am."
"Well, good trip my friend I'm going to bed."
"Who are you? I this the devil?" I proceeded to burst out laughing.
"Wow, you're gone." Jeff then hung up.

I thought it was time to Google pictures of trippy things to just get lost in forever. I opened my browser and went to Google. But alas, the Google logo was morphing and twisting. Thirty minutes later I remembered why I had gone to Google in the first place. Looked up Alex Grey and just lost myself in every picture there. I found one of the SuperJail Warden (not by Alex Grey) and it was wrecking my shit. It was the first picture I had seen that was fully moving, waving, blinking and breathing.

4a.m. Rolls around and I peak, hard. My mind races with ideas and I start exploring the universe that is the internet I looked up everything and anything there was to know about LSD. Celebrities who claim to have use it, science experiments, Bike Day, Albert Hoffman etc etc.
I decided the music I was hearing wasn't to my liking (realizing later that there wasn't any music playing at all) and put on some good ol' fashion Beethoven, why? I don't know but it was awesome. My ideas, I came to realize, needed to be written down and I opened word and started typing.

5a.m. I found some youtube videos to help further my experience with my newly discovered love of tripping. Just then my dad comes in my room. I look up from my laying down position on my bed to see a godly image. My father was just a shadow, because the light in the hallway was the only one on. His silohitte was spectacular. I was losing myself in the sight of the light aura around my father when...
"Why are you still up? You have work at 10am."
Oh shit, I completely forgot I had work...
"Oh, I just can't sleep dad."
He told me to try and sleep and closed the door.

I somehow managed to fall asleep. Having intense lucid dreams that to this day I still cannot remember.

8a.m. Mom wakes me up.
"Honey we got to get out excersise in for the day."   (my family and I used to stay healthy by excersising every morning.)

Let me tell you the forty-five minutes of running on that tredmil was pure HELL. I had been coming down, even harder than I peaked.

I never guessed there would be a "hang over" from this shit and let me tell you I was fried. The entire drive to work I was almost crying thinking my brain was permanently fucked and I would be in this state of dumbfounded exhaustion forever, I mean all the druggies from my school seemed to be.

Luckily I was being trained at work that day and the person training had sold, created and taken LSD himself so he understood and left me just relax most of the day.

When I got home I found a document saved on my desktop labeled "My 7 hour Vacation." it was the story I had written tripping.

MY SEVEN HOUR VACATION By: ******* **********

In my impossible to explain own little world I sat in front of my computer typing away the time thinking I was writing an actual story. Trying to explain the distortions and randomly changing environment would be as asinine as saying you understand it. I take a few deep breaths while typing making sure I%u2019m still in control of myself because I feel I%u2019m just a ranting madman on a keyboard. The randomly changing colors, the rapid and vibrant shifts in EVERYTHING, make this quite enjoyable, and extremely hard to focus on writing a story. I keep catching myself fingers in mouth, grinning at the absolutely astonishing story I%u2019m writing. Thinking that when I come down this will all make complete sense still and I won%u2019t have anything to laugh at myself for. Now I feel that this is one of the greatest experiences of my life. I was told that it was originally made so you can see into yourself! How does one do this? Does one sit and think about themselves listening to Ludwig Van Beethoven and he falls into himself? Or does one just get born with such luck?

Now I decided to share my first trip only because I thought it was interesting how wasteful of a trip I had had. Looking at my laptop for seven hours. Since then I have tripped many times to make up for that one. Thought it definitely was one of the most fun with 0 bad trips, Minus the hellish running on the comedown.

Thanks for reading!

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