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A night to remember

It all started when my friend called me up, and asked for some money, I was at work, so he couldn’t say a lot, but I knew exactly what was going on.

It all started when my friend called me up, and asked for some money, I was at work, so he couldn’t say a lot, but I knew exactly what was going on. It was a busy night at work but I was so excited about the shrooms, I did a quick job, and got out of there. After getting home and taking a shower I met up with my 2 friends, whom had both already chomped down their shrooms.

We drove out to Jason's home in the country, 12 miles from any town and I ate mine raw (1 very large shroom, cap and stem), with a little water, and some orange juice. Jason's older brother, Rob was there so we gave him some too. After about 15 minutes we all decided to take a walk down to a river (it was about 11:30 at night). We all reached the river about 30 minutes after I ingested the magical shrooms, but my friends Jason, and Dave were both feeling strongly affected. The stars were immensely bright and beautiful, the moon appeared to be orange to me, but Jason said it was green, heh. We threw a glow-stick into the river for some fun, it looked very trippy, but we lost sight of it after some time. Now we were all tripping very hard, and decided to go under a bridge, there we all smoked some B.C. buds, and relaxed. We were under this bridge for quite some time, when we all started feeling like the bridge was coming down on us, being a little bit panicked we escaped, and headed back for the home. It was only 15 minutes after midnight, but it felt like we spent 3 years under that bridge, laughing and talking.

When we finally got home, we sat down on a big couch, and reclining chairs, we all giggled at the carpet, and wooden walls moving, and breathing. We listened to music, moved around, and ate a little something, by this time we were feeling tired, because of all the running around we did outside. We plopped in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", and decided to watch it and relax; during this movie I was laughing and having a great time until it was over. The movie is very odd, and somewhat depressing/confusing, this ended up in causing me to become extremely panicky.

It was about 3:30 in the morning now, and everyone else was about ready to crash, or try to anyways, I was awake, in a dark room, and seeing hallucinations of dark, and sometimes evil things. Remember you can always calm yourself down, if you start thinking its going to be ok, so that’s what I did, eventually I got myself to get some sleep, but was forced to wake at 9, because I had work. It’s not a good idea to have to worry about work in the morning, so I suggest you have some time to relax after the trip, if your reading this deciding if you want to "take the plunge".

Hopefully this explains how magical a shroom trip can be, but be warned and stay happy and near friends (if possible).

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