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Nature Adventure

Wife and I had an amazing adventure in a National Park

I just finished drying a new crop of GT and decided to powder and cap them for the weekend trip the wife and I were taking up to a National Park in Northern Central Canada. We have both taken shrooms in just about every way you can, but decided to try something new this time. We each dumped 3 to 3.5 grams of powder into our orange juice and downed it, then tossed back another 1 gram each of capsules. Within 10 - 15 minutes we were both laughing and grooving to the music. Since we were staying in a very small single room run down cabin, we thought it best to get out and visit nature. We grabbed the dog and headed out onto a trail. After checking out the beach we realized neither of us were in any state of mind to be watching out for a dog and brought her back to the cabin. We then took a two hour journey to the peak of a breakwater in the lake and back that was simply my best mushroom trip i have ever experienced. The trees became enormous fungus creatures waving and wanting to grab us, but yet still peaceful. When passing a park, I came across a Moose which wound up in front of us the rest of the journey somehow. We stopped into a bathroom/changeroom which terrified me to no end. The whole place suddenly became a prison, with the showers being gas chambers, we left there and discovered a swing set facing the lake. After that we walked out to the end of a cement breakwater 100 yards into the lake. While I had a positive experience finding the water was actually a mist inviting me in and the sky opened into the heavens above with amazing colors and lights sparkling and dancing for me (which was amazing since I consider myself an atheist), my wife had a bad experience feeling the water was like the cave in Harry Potter that looked peaceful but was full of creatures wanting to pull her in. On the way back, we passed several drunks and couples out for walks which to us were alien like yet somehow peaceful. Once we got back we enjoyed some electronic music and watched the rivers flowing through the wooden ceiling and walls, and my wife got lost in the bathroom watching the plane white tiles turn into faces and creatures. In the end we had taken the shrooms too late and were exhausted from the walking and were struggling to stay awake. We both faded in and out of semi-sleep telling eachother our amazing visions of multicolor fantastic scenes from everything in the room turning into florescent multicolored glass, to myself accepting a lighting guitar from some famous guitarist while he played an amazing solo in the sky. All and all the trip lasted too long into the night, but was a positive experience and a great one at that. There is much I am leaving out, but this is a the highlights.

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