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Bad trip leading to a meaningful trip!

This trip helped me realize stuff about my life.

So this is my first post on this forum, i hope you guys enjoy the story. Well i got about 3 8ths of shrooms and me and my 2 friends, Chris and Alex; divided it into 3. We were sitting in my room and we ate an 8th each. We figured our trip would be more fun outdoors, although it was dark. So we didn't feel anything for at least 30 minutes of us walking. I thought it would be a good idea to go to this elementary school with a small self-spinning merry go round. So we jumped in and we sat down on it, And we all started to feel the Body high hit us. We weren't really feeling the place very much, It had a good environmental design, but it was very dark and we wouldn't have much to look at while we tripped. So we left and as we were walking passed the school, Me and Alex started to feel the hallucinogens, the texture of stuff began to sharpen and the leafs were quiet aesthetically pleasing. So we were pretty much starting our trip at that point, but my stomach was not feeling good at all, Not that its suppose to after taking shrooms, but this time it definitely was bugging the crap out of me. So we chose to walk to the local Wendy's across the block of where we were. As we arrived, the colors of the Wendy's building was very vivid and sharp. When i looked at the Wendy's Logo girl, She was actually laughing. I was definitely Starting to trip and to say the worse, the Wendy's was closed Haha. So we ended up going through the parking lot to get to the other side of the block faster, and i could have sworn i saw the tree's repeatedly falling to the ground, and the Arrow instructing people to the exit of the parking lot was getting smaller and bigger and the color yellow kept changing to green, and back to yellow. At this point i knew i was starting to hit my peek of my trip (But i was wrong) xD. So we walk down the block and i start having bad thoughts for some reason, and i know thoughts like that result to a bad trip. So i kept telling myself, I'm going to have fun, nothings going to happen. But as we got the next block i was having difficulty breathing, and i was taking deep breathes. I tried to put myself in a good mood, but it wasn't happening. I told my friends i needed to sit, because i was feeling incredibly sick. I felt like i had to puke, i even made the gestures of puking unintentionally. I began to really flip out, i was having a nervous breakdown, I started to flip out for some reason. I remember repeatedly say "Guys, i'm really not alright! I need help!" And the walls on the side of the block were literally towering over me, i knew at this point i was definitely having a bad trip. I had that feeling of being the weakest person in the world. I felt so weak and inferior. I kept saying "Guys i need someone right now, i really do. I am tripping out, i'm not okay" Than i thought to myself, i'm ruining my friends trip by being like this. So i give myself another shot of standing up and walking, And i tried to put myself in a positive mood. So we continue walking and we pass by a family and i say "Hi!" and they reply hi, and took a look at me and he knew i was completely out of my head and looks back and say "Hey man, lay off the drinks yeah?" XD . So we kept walking and i saw another family and i'm "HI!" and they didn't reply, so i yelled it louder "HI!!!!" And they just gave me an awkward face, because i completely forgot i had the phone against my ear, trying to call a friend to help me haha. I tried calling him but he didn't answer. So i continue to walk and some how, we ended up in the same spot where i was sitting and tripping out. And our little adventure didn't change my mood. So we sat down again. I started to flip out,  Stuff became very dark, and the shadows of the trees began to look like they were overpowering me. I felt very weak. It made me realize how it would feel to be taken over by something or how someone must feel to be weak. I really was having a horrid trip, We had no where to really go, i couldn't stand it in the streets, so i was like "Dude i need fucking help, i'm going home, and i'm going to get help" and my friend Alex was like "Ok! But you should try to pull it off and act like your drunk or something" And i quickly reply with all seriousness "No! They are going to know what happened! this shit is not right! I need help! They are going to know what the fuck is going down" Haha, at this point i knew i as flipping balls, i was starting to really lose my proper way of thinking in all means, When i got home, i opened the door and i walk in, and my mom already knew i was tripping or something, My eyes were wide open and dilated, She's like "Are you okay Joe?" And i reply "Nope i need to go in my room and sit down" so i go inside my room and she follows me and she's like "Whats going on?" And i simply reply "Mom i just ate some drugs called shrooms and I'm Tripping out." And she's like "Wtf?", looked at my friends like what on earth is going on with this kid haha. Than, she went and got me water and brung my dad. So they all sat down next to me and i'm starting to hit Level 5 on shrooms, i really was starting to lose thought of reality. I couldn't even say a sentence, or understand what was going on in the conversation with my parents and my friends. I was flipping out, i really couldn't understand anything. I felt mental and i was tripping out mad status, i was taking a look around my room, my posers on my wall were rapidly moving up and down, and side to side, the doorknob of the door kept moving as if someone was attempting to open the door, The flatscreen TV in my room kept bouncing on the counter in which it typically would stay. I was laying on my bed with my had slightly upwards against the back of the bedstead. I had a serious trance mood, in which i felt my eyes sinked in my head about 6 feet under, looking into two holes seeing my friends and family talk as i tripped out. I couldnt understand anything anyone was saying and it was really starting to freak me out. As time passed, i started to realize stuff again, and i begun to see stuff actually KIND OF normal. I got up and went the bathroom to take a piss. And i started to trip out on the toilet, the water flushing down almost made me think i was sinking deep into the shallows of sewers. I flipped out and i pulled up my pants and i took off the belt on my pants and i started to have the ability to talk again and walk out the bathroom and said "Damn i cant ware this belt, its making me tired" and my mom was like O.o okay.... haha. I sat down and my trip was starting to go better, i felt more relieved about things, and i was at about level 3 of shrooms at this point. I could think mildly straight, but was still on a small trip. As time passed i felt normal and happy. I learned a lot about myself during this trip, although it went horribly bad. I had a physiological trip in which i had learned a lot about myself and others. I learned how it feels to be the weakest person in the world and how it feels emotionally and physically. I also learned that i had good friends that would take care of me in a condition such as that. I also learned about myself a little, i realized how demanding and strong i am about what i say about stuff, and during the trip i felt weak and it gave me a perspective of what kind of person i truly am. After this trip i have a sense of appreciation for life and the good things there are to look forward to. In this trip i felt the sense of myself dying, and this gave me the simple idea of what death might feel like.It was a Bad Trip , But definitely something Good came out of it. Thank you for listening. :)

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