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My 2nd trip experience


Yesterday, my boyfriend (A), his cousin (P) and I, all went to a nice metro park to trip on some shrooms.  There was hardly anyone at the park, so it was perfect.  We parked by a nice expanse of trees and grass, and, farther off, a river.  After we ate the mushrooms and got out of the car, we walked all the way to the river and sat at a picnic table.  There were a lot of mosquitoes though, so we went back to the grassy area and laid down on a picnic table.  We decided it would be an awesome idea to ride our bikes as we started to peak (the park had a ton of bike trails through the woods).  It was so exhilarating.  The ground was moving right before our eyes.  So, we kept on riding our bikes and found ourselves on a nature path in the woods, and nearby there was a nature center.  For some reason we felt like it was our destiny to go into that building, but before deciding to, my boyfriend asked a lady walking in the park what was in the building and beyond the paths.  She was nice and told us that the nature center just had fossils and such.  We quickly forgot about wanting to go inside, and instead continued on our way biking.  I remember feeling extremely sluggish, but amazing at the same time.  We kept just wanting to lay down in the grass, so at last we got off of our bikes, parked them, and just laid in the grass right beside the bike trail.  We didn't care about anything except how wonderful everything looked and how happy we all were.  We didn't care about people giving us weird looks as they passed us on their bikes.  Oh, and we said hi to almost everybody.  I remember laying on my back looking at the trees and the sky, and then turning my head to the left and seeing a daddy long leg spider right next to my face, and I hardly cared.  He was of the earth, just living his spider life, just like we were living our human life.  Normally I would have freaked out about a big spider being so close to any part of my body.  I still didn't want him crawling on me, though, so I sat up and sat next to A.  I looked down at my hands and was fascinated because my skin was moving! I quickly showed this to A and P, and it was just amazing.  I could see every detail in the palms of my hands, and it was alive and moving.  After getting back on our bikes and riding to our car, A told us he had to go to the bathroom for a minute.  In the expanse of grass I mentioned earlier, in the middle there are these two very small brick buildings, which each had two toilets in them.  They were very dirty, especially the men's bathroom.  So P and I were just sitting in the car, lost in our own minds.  After about fifteen minutes, I started wondering how much time had gone by (our sense of time was warped).  Although I couldn't tell how much time had gone by, I knew it was taking quite a long time for A to come back, so I voiced this to P and we went to look for him.  As we rounded the corner to see the entrance to the men's restroom, we see A just sitting on the tiles in the bathroom staring out into the sky with a big smile on his face.  He just said "hey guys" and it was hilarious.  When you are tripping on shrooms, you don't really feel like you are tripping, you just feel normal, and pure. But once you realize how out of your mind you are, it is just so funny.  So we all just sat on the tiles and stared out at the sky.  Eventually I got up and moved to the grass and laidd there, and it was wonderful.  The clouds looked amazing, the trees looked beautiful.  I felt so pure and happy and like I was discovering myself and feeling better about the person I was.  I don't know if you would call that self-actualization?  I was me, and it was good.  I was discovering within myself the petty things I normally worry about, and how I am just fine.  Then we were all laying in the grass again.  A was talking about how great God is.  The weather for that day was partly cloudy and very warm, and whenever it got a little too sunny for our faces, A would say something like, God can you please cover up the sun with that cloud?, and literally right as he said that, the sun was covered! It was so cool.  As the day wore on and we started to come down, we wanted to come back up and smoke some weed lol.  So we all went back in his car and A rolled the blunt, and I just sat there thinking really deep thoughts.  After it was rolled, we went back to the tiled bathroom and smoked.  We were on shrooms again and it was glorious.  You could definitely tell that the high from shrooms had been tainted by pot, though, but it was still great.  After who knows how long, P noticed people driving to the parking lot and getting out of their car.  We were all laughing about how funny it would be for them to see us just chillin on the floor of a bathroom when we had a  huge park, but then P said they were pretty much walking directly to the bathrooms.  This was hilarious, and we didn't even care.  Eventually we heard a man's voice, "hey uhh, we would like to use the restrooms" and we quickly got up and A said something like "hey sorry dude, you know, shade and stuff" but we could not stop laughing.  That was probably one of the strangest things he has ever seen, and it was just hysterical.  

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