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to become a philosopher, you must first observe the universe

love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight

fictional names have been used for extra pleasure. i apologize to History in advance for my errors in memory.

set: i was paying my friends from home a visit.
setting: small house that belongs to Achilles, Worry-Wart, and Johnny. Blondie is Johnny's girl, Chief is our other friend.

we decided to make tea this time, i think the lemon tek was a little rough for the guys to 
swallow last time. so i decided to dose with 3 grams. the other guys all dosed around 2.5 grams 
each. it was funny because i had one shroom left over out of the whole bunch. i offered it to 
Blondie but she declined. she said she has anxiety issues so she didn't feel comfortable 
tripping. i could understand that. so we all started drinking our mushy tea at about 11pm.

the first activity we attempted to partake in was a game of texas hold em. we were all coming up 
fast and it wasn't until after the first hand was done that we decided that poker requires a 
little too much organization to successfully play while tripping. so then we decided we would all 
sit down and listen to music. i offered to be the dj with my ipod that we set up on the big 
speakers beforehand. it was disappointing because some of my songs wouldn't play, namely the 
beach boys and a jimi hendrix album. the music started playing and the boys started shuffling 
around. Achilles was feeling it, as i was, and we both had the jitters that usually comes right 
when things start really getting under way. i was a little bit cold honestly, for some reason 
they had their air conditioning on full blast or something so the whole house was cold. anyway, i 
kept playing music and the only person to really stay was Chief. he is the most laid back of all 
the guys, he is good at going with the flow and not getting too apprehensive, which i like to 
see. before we knew it Johnny had disappeared to partake in his necessary purging routine. Worry-Wart
started to get up and check on him but i stopped him and reassured him that Blondie was there to 
take care of him. i forgot to mention that Blondie had retired into Johnny's room for the night. 
they had just gotten back from a round of eating and drinking at the olive garden so she was 
pretty wasted. anyway, Achilles soon went outside to smoke a cig and talk to Tiny Tim, Achilles's younger brother, who happened 
to have dropped by just before we dosed. i kind of wanted to join them because i knew it probably 
felt warmer outside but i continued with my djing. after more shuffling Achilles and Tiny Tim and i 
think Worry-Wart all went into Achilles's room to watch south park. they did that for a while while Chief
and i listened to more music.

later on Worry-Wart came back into the living room and we all decided we wanted to go outside. i made 
the mistake of not stopping the music so the song Across The Universe was playing in the living room for 
the next couple of hours. sorry Blondie. we went out into the driveway and Worry-Wart and i posted up 
on the bed of Achilles's truck while Chief smoked a cigarette and Bambi, the guard dog, galloped around like a 
dumbass in the front yard. at this time Tiny Tim made his departure from our scene. then Achilles came out to the 
driveway, followed shortly thereafter by Johnny. i was pleasantly surprised to see Johnny out and about 
again, i was afraid he had gotten really sick and was incapacitated already. but alas he was fine 
and we all equalized in the driveway for a bit until Chief and Achilles, if i remember correctly, 
went to fetch some chairs from the back yard for us to sit in. Achilles decided that the chairs 
were causing too much of a ruckus in the front yard so we moved them to the back yard and had a 
pow wow there.

for me this was where the trip turned sour. i had been in this position before, seemingly on the 
outside of a circle yet then again not. the boys bullshat for a while and i didn't say anything 
much really. sometimes i like to let other people take the reins of the moment and see where it 
leads. it didn't go anywhere nasty, but it left me feeling quite cold. everyone then decided to 
go inside but i honestly could have sat out there until the sun rose so i got my guitar and went 
back outside. i then set out to continue my learning of the song I'm Looking Through You. I had 
to go back inside to get the sheet where i had written out the chords and when i went into the 
living room the guys offered me some weed. i declined and settled back down to play to the mexicans 
that apparently roam through their back yard in the night. i didn't see any mexicans, but i did 
see a cat. i was playing for a good while when Johnny and Chief came outside to sit and talk. Johnny
wanted to hear what i was playing so i happily obliged him with the first verse of i'm looking 
through you. after that i played congratulations per his request and then a little bit of pieces 
of what. i'm happy to say i think they were impressed with what i have learned so far, they both 
complimented me on my playing.

alright now this is when it started  to get good. Achilles then decided he would like to join us so 
he came to our pow wow and i provided the music while they talked a little bit. after a while Johnny
went to bed, kind of, and then Achilles tried to go to bed. he got stuck in the doorway so Chief and 
i suggested that he bring his guitar out to play along. he came back out with his electric 
guitar. after realizing that there was no electricity i gave him my guitar to play on. he noted 
that he was tripping really hard at this point so i thought that maybe being able to focus on 
playing the guitar would help him equalize a bit. this idea of mine didn't really pan out how i 
wanted it to though, he was too fidgety to play. i asked him what the first song he learned to 
play guitar was and he told me the name of a song i can't remember and proceeded to riff out some 
crazy shit. i asked him where the fuck he learned that, i find his fingers to be quite electric. 
for some reason he tuned down my E string and went back inside, i think he was going to bed or 
something. i sat out there with Chief for a while longer while i retuned and started to play my 
guitar. Chief said he was going back inside to chill in the living room so i said alright.

after a while i heard something at the door and Worry-Ward was there offering me a bowl. i went into 
the house and Chief, Worry-Ward, and i smoked a bowl in the kitchen. it was at that point of the trip 
where it's hard to tell if you've already come down or if you're still tripping balls. Worry-Wart asked 
me if i was down and i said that it was hard to say. i said it's kind of like a dusk/dawn type 
thing, theres no distinct boundary, it just kinds of fades in and out. Worry-Wart was about to fry an 
egg but he ultimately decided that he ought not to, lest he disturb the others in the house.

we made our way back into the living room and Worry-Wart and i settled in to duke it out in fifa, the 
classic barcelona/real madrid rivalry. it was an epic game, he beat me at least 7-1, it was hard 
to keep track of his goals after that point. to make the game extra interesting, Achilles came out 
from his room and informed us that he had been possessed by god himself. he actually caught a 
video of it too. so, and at this point the whole crew, including Blondie, was up and alert 
because of the noise Achilles was making, they decided to show me the video of god living 
vicariously through Achilles. the video was of Achilles, sitting down, shirtless, muttering 
intelligible things. the peculiar thing about the video was that the phone appeared to be 
hovering in mid-air. Achilles's arms were free/possessed at his side so he wasn't holding the 
phone. i turned around and said just four words to Achilles: "then who was phone?" that seemed to 
set him off as he started raving about how "it's happening again" and i told him that it's 
happening all the time. he questioned this and i told him it's a beatles song.

luckily, i was able to convince him that the only thing that was left to do was to listen to 
MGMT's album Congratulations with me. we did, and it was the best thing ever.

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