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My first psychedelic experience

Acid and weed makes for one hell of a trip

Back in February I had my first (and to date, only) experience with LSD. Having smoked weed and drunken alcohol for several years I felt ready to venture into the land of psychedelics. Most of my stoner friends had already done both acid and shrooms, some several times and, having known some of them for over 10 years, I trusted that they would make sure nothing bad happened. At first I was very skeptic (and ignorant) about psychedelics, but after some thorough research my fears were somewhat lifted and I agreed to join.

At the time I would have felt more comfortable with mushrooms, being that it lasts half as long and is supposedly not as powerful as LSD, but there wasn%u2019t really an option so I decided to jump in with both feet and hope for the best. The timing felt really appropriate as I didn%u2019t have any responsibilities for over a week due to vacation, and that we had a house all to ourselves. We prepared by laying mattresses all over the living room floor, and stocked up on beer for the come down, as well as making sure everything was looking neat and clean.

Initially, we only had two blotters, but acquired two more after a rather hectic hunt around town involving running like a motherfucker to catch the last bus, where we also decided it was time to drop %u2018em. It was getting kind of late 11-ish and the effects wouldn%u2019t kick in before about an hour later, I was told. I remember getting a tingly sensation, most likely because of nerves and slight anxiety as there was no turning back at this point, so I braced myself for what was to come.

When we arrived, we put on some music and rolled up a joint, which in retrospect may not have been the best idea for a first time trip, but smoking have become a second nature at this point and none of us, including me, gave it a second thought. The walk back to the house felt really strange, but I wasn%u2019t sure if it was anything more than the weed. But then, back inside, I started noticing this very cool 3D-looking effect on a curled towel lying on the floor, and I knew that this was it. It had been around 45-60 minutes since we had taken the LSD now, and the effects kept ramping up, creating an immense sense of euphoria as well as occasional uncontrollable laughter.

The mattresses really paid off and we were rolling around giggling while listening to music and talking about how amazing it all was There was also a dog present who was frequently the center of attention as we swarmed around him and generally treating him like a god, that is, until his big eyes started staring into our souls, which really creeped us out. So far everything was going great, I thought.

I%u2019m not entirely sure where this fits into the timeline, but somewhere between the last two paragraphs we rolled up a monster of a joint (seriously, it was literally heavy with hash,) but since everything was going swimmingly, I had no objection to it. It wasn%u2019t until we got back inside that things went really crazy. Prior to this, my vision was pretty much unchanged, but now, I remember sitting down in the couch and everything was moving and forming patterns I almost couldn%u2019t believe. I pondered whether my friends were having the same effect, but couldn%u2019t be bothered asking.

Then, things got really exhausting. One of us was starting to freak out, so we all did the best we could to try and cheer him up. It was apparently really important that we kept talking, and the subject of %u201Cfalling into one%u2019s head%u201D became scary, for him at least. I tried to think positive thoughts like the fact that no matter what, I would still wake up the next day, with everything behind me. It%u2019s not that I wasn%u2019t enjoying myself, but more just in case. The biggest problem during the peak phase of the trip was my obscured vision. I wasn%u2019t wearing lenses, but that didn%u2019t explain why things morphed into other things. It got to a point where I had a hard time placing myself in the room, but I avoided most of it by trying really hard to focus on a specific object (I.e. a chair that was a few meters away) and gradually working my way throughout my surroundings.

I had very limited sense of time, so I can%u2019t say how long this lasted, but we talked for what felt like hours. We had a hard time finding things to say, so we started talking about the fact that we had nothing to talk about and so on. When everyone was comfortable with it, we put on The Big Lebowski and sat back relieved that we didn%u2019t have to talk anymore, and my visuals had almost completely faded unless I focused on something with a pattern etc.

It was around 9 or 10am when people started falling asleep, but not me. I stayed up and drank some well deserved beer while watching The Dark Knight, and generally keeping myself entertained until people started waking up, and then smoked a morning joint. I didn%u2019t sleep until the next night.

All in all, I%u2019m very happy with my first trip. It may have been a bit much, but at least now I know I can cope with it, and I%u2019m ready to do it again. I%u2019m not sure how everything would go had I been in a less %u201Csafe%u201D environment, or with less familiar people, but I%u2019ve gotten past the hump and know essentially what to expect. As far as drugs are concerned, this is probably as far as I will go, but I%u2019m glad I went the distance.

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