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First Time. Is It Normal?

My First Time Doing Shrooms. I havent Felt Complete Since.Can You Help

My First Time Doing Shrooms Was Almost 2 Weeks Ago. But Ever Since Then I Been Feeling Very Akward Almost Like Sumthing Is Missing Now. I did Not Like My Tripp At all. I Felt Like I Was Going Insane. Almost Like My Brain Was Collapsing On Itself. Then It Felt Like I Was Trying To Convince myself There Was no God And When We Die We Just Disapear Like Everything Else. It Was The Most Scariest Feeling Ever. I Started Thinking People Have Just Made Up God To Give People Sumthing To believe In Until They Are Gone Forever. The Worst Part Is That I Spent All That Whole Day Thinking About It and Now I Cant Get It Out Of My Head. Sumtimes I feel Like Im Going Insane. Ive Been Trying To Get Back To The Faith driven Person I was Before And Sumtimes I Will Feel Good Like Everything Is Ok Again And then Other Times I Feel Like Sumthing Inside Me Is Missing Like All My Faith In my religion is gone. I feel Myself Struggling To Get Back To The Person I Was Before. Because The Person I Was Before didnt fear death as I do Now. Now I Am So Scared To Die Because I Dont Want To Feel That Feeling Ever again.But I HAVE NOT given Up On My Faith. But Instead Ive Been Trying To Feel That Gap With More Prayer And Doing Everything I Can Right. I No Longer Give My Parents As Much Attitude As I did Before. and Ive Been Trying So Hard To Get To The Person I Was Before that Ive Actually Made My Life Better Than It Was Before Or At Least Thats What It looks Like On The Outside. But On The Inside I Still Feel Like There Is Something Missing. Is this normal.?. Will I Ever Feel Better.?. Maby I should Try It again But A Low Dose. PLEASE HELP In ANY WAy.!.

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