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LSD over 24 hour trip?!

Never doing it again! But why did i react to it like this?

About two months ago a friend (lets call her K) and I went to a trance party. I've been to many parties before but only ever took mdma. When K and I got to the party with her friend, I had only met one time before (lets call him S), we happened to run into a guy that told us he had some potent acid (think it was called Dalia lama). Since I had always wanted to try it I thought we should go for it. S didn’t want any cause he was planning on just rushing, so K and I bought a tab each. 

I didn’t know what to expect so I only took half of my tab and K took her full tab. This was at about 10 pm. We went to the dance floor and just jammed and enjoyed the music. About 30 minutes later K started to feel the acid. I was waiting for mine to kick in. Another hour passes and I’m still feeling nothing. I'm really over being sober at this point so I go find S and see if I could have one of his mdma's. When I find him he's rushing overboard and says that this is the best shit he’s ever had (was pink crystals)! He gave me one of his caps and we go chill in the car for a bit and listen to music and wait for my cap to kick in. In the car Ii went to give him the money for the mdma (130 rand= approximately $20) he told me that I didn’t need to worry about it and that it was a gift from him.  

I start to feel it about 20 minutes after I had taken it but it doesn’t feel like it normally does when you are coming on to mdma, but since I had convinced myself that I was given a bad tab I just assumed that it was very good mdma. Everything was more intense. Especially the colors and sounds around me. I felt like I was melting into the car seat and that the vibration of the bass was going straight through me. S has a black light in his car and the lumonise green nail polish that I was wearing went florescent yellow under the lights. I was transfixed on my nails. I spent about 10 minutes just staring at them and moving them around in front of my face telling S how good this shit is. 

I started to feel extremely claustrophobic in the car so I asked S if he wanted to walk with me to the dance floor. That’s when he leaned in and kissed me. I could feel every thing so intensely; it felt like we were melting together. I couldn’t handle emotions of any kind at this point, they seemed to complex for me to comprehend, and the melting feeling scared me so I just got out of the car without saying anything and tried to find my way to the dance floor.

The bushes that were around the path started to twist and turn and when I looked up at the sky the stars looked like they were all connected by spider webs, it was actually very beautiful. I was tripping really hard and finding it difficult to walk, so I went to sit down for a bit and just try and collect myself. I still didn’t think that I was tripping on acid (I don’t know why I didn’t realise it by now!), in fact I only realised this at about 6 the next morning. I started to feel really guilty about just leaving S without saying anything especially because he had been kind enough to just give me one of his caps. 

I don’t know how long I was sitting down for, everything felt like it wasn’t real. It felt like I was in a dream and was looking at the world through someone else. When I got up and started to walk I bumped into on of S friends. I thought he said to me that S is really pissed with me and wanted his money for the cap (I don’t know if this is actually what he said but this is what started my mind to over analyse the situation). Basically what I began to think was that he just wanted sex and because I didn’t give it to him he was pissed off.

S had been going to trance parties for 10 years so he pretty much knew most of the regulars. When I kept walking to the dance floor I began to hear people talking about me saying that I better watch out because S is pissed off, and I started to get really paranoid. I didn’t feel safe walking alone in the dark so I ran to where the only source of proper light was (by the bathrooms and the food stalls) and decided I would stay there until I saw K or someone else I knew.

I started to see S all over the place. He would walk by me and just stare at me. He always wore his hoodie so as soon as I saw someone with a hoodie over their head I would think it was S. I started to think that he was going to hurt me if I left the safety of the light so I just sat down. I started to hallucinate seeing people that I knew, but when I got to were they were, they would just disappear. I was starting to feel paranoid about everyone around me and I started to hear people talking about me again.

When I finally saw the real K I ran up to her. She told me that I needed to go to the tent and sleep, so I started to walk with her, but as soon as there wasn’t much light I ran back to the light and lost her. I decided that I needed to go to a place, just for a short while, were I was alone, but I was to scared to leave the light so I just went into one of the portapottys and tried to collect my thoughts. At this point I knew I was having a bad trip but I still didn’t realise that it was acid. I thought that maybe something else had been put into the mdma. In the toilet it felt as if the portapotty was being rocked back and forth like it was going to tip. The smell of the toilet was also so intense that it began to burn my eyes and throat. I realised I needed be by myself and just ride out what ever this trip was.

I went to the edge of the forest that was by the toilets and just sat against a tree with my eyes closed until the sun came up. That allowed me to relax myself and I realised that what was happening around me was just a bad trip and that the acid had actually had an effect on me and that it wasn’t just the mdma. I thought that I was able to handle the trip from then on, but I was wrong. I was still paranoid. I think since I had been on a bad trip for basically the whole night and didn’t have anyone around me to remind me that I was just tripping, I couldn’t exactly get out of it. I decided that it was too much for me. I went to my tent got my phone and called a friend to please come pick me up and take me home. She said she would be there in 4 hours because she needed to do some stuff for her mom.

For those 4 hours I just wondered around. I found K and she took me back to the tent. I just sat outside of it stuck in my own world. Nothing was making sense but at the same time everything was crystal clear. When my friend eventually got to the party she took me straight home. I was extremely paranoid about getting into a car because I didn’t want to feel claustrophobic again and when she started to drive I was scared that we were going to crash.

As soon as we got off the party grounds it felt like I was taken out of my dream state and put back into reality. I felt like I was me again and that I wasn’t looking at the world through someone else. At one point in the ride home the song that S was playing when I left his car started to play and that made me think that he was following me. So the whole paranoia about him hurting me came back again, but even more intense because it wasn’t just at the party (my dream) anymore, it was following me into reality.

When I got home my family was there. Obviously they were very pissed of at me but I was relieved to have people around me that I knew loved me and would never hurt me. That all changed though when S called me and asked if I was ok and safe. I once again started to over analyze it and thought that he was coming to my house to make me start to trip out again. At one point during the trance party I had gone to the medic to see if he could help me. I don’t know what he really said but I thought he told me that if I tell anyone about this trip there would be consequences, so because of that I never told me family about the feeling that I was feeling.

At about 7 pm that night I was still tripping out and paranoid so my parents called an ambulance. A lot more shit happened in between here and eventually going to the hospital (the police were called, I was hand cuffed, I was still getting a lot of visuals and paranoia (peoples faces would change into someone else’s face that I saw at the party)). The doctor gave me anti anxiety pills but I refused to take them because I thought they would make me trip, I thought that they were ecstasy. I didn’t go to sleep until 6 am on the Monday morning (I took the acid at 10pm on sat). I was extremely paranoid and was still seeing visuals (the city lights that we saw out of the window turned to ears and eyes, I saw lasers on the door, the sound of a cricket was one of the most terrifying noises I ever heard and I was afraid to be left alone). 

I woke up at about 3pm on Monday. I was very confused and just a little bit paranoid because I wasn’t 100% sure if what had happened was a trip or if it was real. After about 2 hours of being awake I knew that it was all just a trip. 

All of this off only HALF A TAB of acid.... How the fuck is that possible? The trip lasted over 24 hours! 



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