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2nd Trip

New Revelations

I had done shrooms before, once with my sister. The trip (i have no idea how much we did, around 2 grams) was really awesome and eye-opening, but I didn't notice the details of my trip.

My sister, being awesome, got me 5 grams as a present! I decided to share them with my friend J. I was feeling stressed with school and really disconnected, so it was good timing. We waiting until the weekend after a huge event I had spent months on was over. We chopped those bad boys up real fine and put them in some cheeseburger helper! Barely tasted them at all :)

So we chilled in the living room (my GF, his GF, my roommate, and HIS gf were all there), and we played smash bros. It was around 4:30. My stomach started to hurt around 5 and by 5:15 I had forgotten about the game and was really interested in my Jimi Hendrix poster. He was kind of dancing - then the fun began. We sat in the living room and just chilled for a little while, then we decided we wanted to go outside. It was the end of March in Texas so it was feeling really nice. All of the sudden my landlady pulled up! Luckily, shrooms are so awesome I was able to hold a conversation with her without her noticing anything. Success! 

We went back inside and went in my room (all of us) and listened to This Will Destroy You on my semi-new record player. The lights were off so there were shadows everywhere that made for some awesome visuals. The room was cool and everyone was just chilling, so it was a sweet time. This is where me and J came up with the concept of "chapters" for our trip. Every activity we decided to do, we pretty much completely agreed on what to do and when to do it. We felt (at the same time) when it was time to move on, and there was never any sadness about it. 

After that, we decided to get my bike from up at the school ( i live right behind campus) so we all walked up there (except my roommate) - me and J were barefoot, as anyone who has ever tripped knows is the best! I felt like that, even though this was me and Js trip, that it had been a group activity, so the girls all walked ahead while we walked and talked. I got to one point and looked down and noticed the shadows on the ground were in some vivid 3D so me and J stood there for probably 2 mins staring at the ground. I then looked up to J laughing, because he noticed (as i did in a second) that we were in the front of a pretty full dining hall. Unphased, we got my bike and I rode it back home.

Once at home, me and J decided we wanted some Hendrix, so we went to my room and put it on the record player. We both decided it was time to trip balls (it was the peak) and we layed on the bed, staring at the morphing ceiling for probably 20 mins. My gf came in at one point, but I barely noticed her. haha. I felt like I was in a spaceship that was taking off to a distant planet. It was sweeeeet. 

After the heavy trip, we decided to part ways. He went into the kitchen to study (lol) and I went into my roomates room with him, his gf, my gf and me. We just sat in the bright room (an awesome contrast to my darker room) and talked for awhile about random shit. I kept staring at the walls. Then we went back into the kitchen to see what J was up to and (like I had predicted) he was ready to go to the next chapter. 

We went  to the park and climbed a tree, and had awesome conversations on each branch we climbed, up and down. We talked about infinity, and energy, and the college that we're at, and the concept of a universal rhythm. After that we went to a different tree and talked about our trip (we were coming down) and how we were gonna miss it, but how we understood its time had come. Then we went home and passed out!

I really enjoyed this trip because A) I got to really see my good friend, B) He learned a lot and has since told me that he now sees the world in a completely different way and C) I took some things from the trip that I still think about every day. The concept of a universal rhythm especially. I have had a pretty good year, and things have been going well, which makes me think I'm doing things in rhythm with the universe. 

Also, the way we acted inspired my gf (who was totally against them) to be accepting of them, and now she's going to trip with me this summer! Also, 5 of our friends have now wanted to do them and we're going to have a shroom party in July! 

All in all, it was a great trip, although I felt kind of zoned out when I came down, and the next day I felt worn out all day. Well worth it though!

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