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Shrooms, 3rd times a charm

Hell of a time

Me and 4 other friends have enjoyed smoking pot for quite some time now but the same old sesh is just not always fun, i'm sure stoners here understand. anyways that's why we came to the conclusion the other day that we wanted to try shrooms again because the last time we had them was just unreal. So the first time we took them we basically all thought the shrooms were duds since none of us felt anything more then some typical weed buzz but once plants started looking like Pokemon and the concept of a lamp being on made me feel safe and comfortable, this is when i realized "I am tripping BALLS."

Me and my friend bought some mcdonalds burgers (not exactly a delicacy shown on this site...but good and fattening regardless) and put our shrooms in them, and well we ate those burgers like they had the antidote to our poison knowing what was in store for each of us while other friends cooked up burgers and pizzas to eat thier own shrooms with. All of us ingested an 8th of shrooms realizing "yeah, maybe an 8th was a bad idea but we'll be fine" and god were we ever fine. I wasnt sure when it was going to kick in but about an hour later while sitting in my friends backyard patio i looked over at a pot of flowers and realized that those flowers may have been the most amazing vibrant pink flowers ive ever seen. When they literally started dancing that's when i realized im starting to hallucinate a little, nothing over the top but it was a hallucination nonetheless and i couldnt believe it. When i looked over at my friends thier faces were....almost moving or transforming its impossible for me to explain but its exactly the sort of deal you see on television when actors are 'tripping.' My friend told me i looked funny and i was almost offended, but when he told me i looked like Oscar the grouch that's when i realized i wasn't the only one tripping balls and we could not stop laughing for the life of us. Everything felt so amazing, from the breeze on my skin to the few minutes of rain we sat in it was safe to say nothing was going to bring us down to earth for a while and we were right, it was what we described as the perfect trip out. We went into my friends moms garden and because of the flowers fallen on the ground from a tree, my friend dived right onto the floor of the garden and started rolling around in them, exactly like the scene in family guy where peter tried out extacy and once i couldn't hold in my burst of laughter he stood up and asked himself "what the %$6 am I doing". once going inside we realized these things on shrooms:

1. Avatar muted listening to the white panda album on shrooms is ... I cant even describe it you have to see for yourself
2. Hallucinating with your best friends is not scary its hilarious as long as you realize nothing bad is going to happen
3. hearing words and names you don't know like 'Kal clutterbuck (for anyone not a hockey fan like myself) will result in a room full of uncontrollable hyena-like laughter
4. Concept of time? forget about it            Pain? whats that :S           hunger? not an issue but 4 hours later you realize you are f'n starving             sex? the thought of it is like pringles. think about it once and u cant stop
5. For all you smokers of cigarettes, beware they are about 10X more addicting when high on shrooms

Anyways, a big piece of advice if you plan on eating an 8th like we did, try to stay with a small group of close friends in a safe environment not having to worry about people in the outside world, try and have activities prepared because coming up with ideas on shrooms is easy....to easy, in fact you'll come up with about 100 ideas a minute and end  up not commiting to a lot of them and lastly have fun, if you went into taking shrooms knowing you were going to, why bother thinking of all the stressful things in life during that will ruin your trip.

*Cheers to good shrooms

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