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My Hardest Trip

eighth and a half of potent ass dried shrooms

It all started with me and my friend, (we'll call him P), just chillin at our apartment staring down about 15.5 or 16 grams of dried shrooms just waiting for our two other friends, (J and C), to get their asses over so we can start the night. they ended up coming over around 9:00 p.m. 

In my experience I've used LSD two separate times, eaten mushroom truffles once, and this was my third time eating regular mushies, so i knew what to expect. This would be P's 12th or 13th time eating shrooms, so he also knew what to expect. On the other hand, J had only been with us when we did the truffles, and his younger brother C had never experienced a psychedelic before and was extremely nervous. 

As soon as they got here, we ate the shrooms, C had to go call his girlfriend because he's her bitch and P rolled up a joint of Widow to calm C down. We all passed around the joint and all four of us got a decent high. We sat outside on our balcony on a couple couches we had just waiting for it to kick in. As soon as we all started to feel a solid body buzz, we decided to smoke another joint. 

I set up a speaker system playing things like Bassnectar and the Skrillex remix of "In for the KIll," and also set up a black light to make shit look cool. At this point, I could tell the trip was starting to take effect since the part where the wall and the ceiling of the balcony roof seemed warped and things looked more like an oil pastel painting.

C was not having a good time. He's a lightweight with weed and was thinking too much about how different everything seemed to enjoy it. I could tell the whole night he wasn't having too much fun until one of us would cheer him up with something. 

Later on, we all started tripping hard. J kept going on and on about how he couldn't tell the difference between hot and cold and was getting rather annoying. Both times he's tripped, he's been very loud and tells us exactly what he's feeling at all times which, as you all know, isn't exactly always fun to listen to. P and I decided to go for a walk to get away from the other two. P has always been a chill person to trip with. We left the apartment and walked to another building in the complex. This is when things started to get weird. The colors were amazing. The grass under the street lights were brighter than i had ever seen before. The street signs seemed to glow, and I found it very hard to navigate around the apartment complex. 

We walked from our parking lot to the one directly next to us and I already forgot how to get back. I felt as though we were in the same parking lot. P was messing with me trying to tell me we were at the right place, but I knew it wasn't, and i couldn't pay much attention to what he was saying as his face seemed to "tighten up." His mouth and nose got really small and moved to the center of his face and his eyes got a little bigger so the top of his face was wide and the lower part was very skinny.

We decided to go back and check on C since he wasn't having much fun. We got back and he seemed to be doing alright. Me and P went out on the balcony again and laid on the couches looking through the bars on the gate on our balcony at the building across from us. The other two stayed inside and talked about God knows what. P is prescribed to Ambien to help him sleep so he took one and told me it enhanced his visuals, so i took one as well. 

After about an hour, it was all kicked in and reality started slipping away. The people on the other balconies had been talking and yelling since it was a Saturday night and it provided a white noise for me as I looked around, trying to get the best of my visuals. The following things are the Open-Eye-Visuals i got in the next hour or so. 

The bars on the balcony gate melted into the building behind it. They also seemed to warp and bend violently. 
The sky looked purple/pink and the building across looked blue.
The outlines of the buliding across from me were very wavy and the entire buliding looked warped. 
Whenever P would talk to me, I could see his words in L.E.D. lighting across the sky. (blue, red, and green.) 
Basically whatever i could imagine, I could see at this point. Alot of these things would be too hard to explain without actually seeing the surroundings here. Everything looked soft/smooth. Almost clay-like. I saw the chimney on the building across from me grow a mouth and eat the top bar of the gate on the balcony which was extremely weird because those two things were literally 300 feet away from eachother but it just looked like it would work because everything seemed to be on the same plane, if that makes sense. 

I also had intense Closed-Eye-Visuals. If i could imagine it, I could see it. The most vivid thing i remember seeing is like an oil pastel painting of a blonde haired guy riding a silver U.F.O. looking thing across a sea of fire. I could see this from behind the blonde-haired guy, so it was basically his point of view i was seeing. It was incredibly amazing. 

Reality was still escaping me. I had no sense of time, a small amount of blending of the senses, and at times I couldn't tell if I had my eyes closed or open. That's how strong my CEVs were. I could feel myself contemplating different things in my head. I wasn't actually saying anything, but i could hear my own voice in my head telling me things. I felt as if there were 2 or 3 of me talking to eachother inside my head telling eachother what's going on and not to freak out. I wasn't scared at all during this whole time, but i could for once feel how easy it could be for someone to possibly have a bad trip. 

All these things continued until i finally fell asleep only to be woken up an hour later by J who was saying the cops were at the door. Apparently my cousin H (who also lives at the apartment) was fighting with her boyfriend and was so loud the cops were called. I was still tripping when i woke up and was scared to face the police but i volunteered to be the one to open the door. As i walked inside i heard them yelling and banging on the door louder. They ended up opening the door before I got to it and I saw the flashlights searching the area. Scared to death I turned on the light and attempted to talk to them. It ended up being okay, but there were 3 cops in there and my weed grinder, rolling papers, and about 5 roaches were sitting on the counter about 2 feet away from one of them. luckily they didnt see it and left. 

I went back outside to go to sleep, the visuals still going crazy, but my reality had come back to me. I fell asleep a short time after that and woke up about a half hour ago and started writing this. 

I couldn't go into much detail because many of the visuals are too hard to explain. but they were the most intense vivid visuals i had ever experienced and I came out of this experienced humbled by the strong effects and it was by far the most amazing psychedelic experience for me so far. 

I'm also looking forward to candy flipping, hippie flipping, trying molly by itself, and i'm extremely excited to try DMT. I'll write more experiences as they come. Hope you enjoyed it. 

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