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First Time Tripping

Third time's a charm

I had eaten shrooms before. The first time I had eaten 1.5 grams. No effects whatsoever. Second time I had 2 grams. Extremely mild trip, but still very enjoyable.

Then the third time, I ate 3 grams. I was sitting on my friends back porch, and pulled out my shrooms. My friend T was taking some with me, while our friends C and H were taking bong hits of weed. I really wanted to have a strong trip so I stuffed all 3 grams in my mouth without anything to give them flavor. I finished eating and waited. T had take 2 grams and it was his first time.

The shrooms we had were supposedly much more potent than the last ones I had taked when I only had a mild trip. After about 30 minutes of smoking and chilling on his porch I went to my car to get my ipod and auxillary cable to play music. On my way back from my car my trip began. 

I noticed the intensity of colors had increased and I began mildly hallucinating. as I was walking up to T's backyard I felt like reality just shuddered. I had been hit with an invisible force and the fabric of reality just bent. I got really excited and informed everyone that my trip had begun. 

T wasn't felling anything so I told him to walk to my car and back and see if that would trigger anything. We walked outside and looked at the stars for awhile, then he started bursting out laughing. We went back inside just as H was leaving. We watched some youtube videos and I kept feeling the trip escalate, I went from laughing hysterically to staring in silence. C said he was hungry so we went with him to the Whataburger drive-thru. In the car we pumped music on C's two subwoofers and I thought I was at the peak of my trip. I was completely wrong. As we were driving I began to realize we weren't outside, but in a giant room. The cars seemed to be on a set path, with no driver or controller, they were programmed to go one way and couldn't be stopped. I asked C how we were going to get to whataburger if the cars couldn't be controlled. C and T laughed and told me I was trippin hard.

We got to whataburger and I ordered a chocolate shake from the car. When we got to the window, me and T were trippin pretty hard. I noticed the guy running the drive-thru was laughing too. I thought he knew we were on shrooms, but C told me they were just high as well. When we got our food we sat in the parking lot and ate. The milkshake was the best thing ever. I kept getting it on my face and not even noticing it. I began laughing at myself thinking how dumb I probably looked. 

When we got back to T's house C said he was gonna go to bed because he had work early. Me and T's trips were still escalating and we knew we wouldn't be going to bed for awhile. As we sat in T's basement we put on Family guy on netflix and began watching. The trip immediately hit full force about 5 minutes into the first episode. We had taken the shrooms about 2 hours ago at this point. 

I had been noticing plenty of mild hallucinations following up to this point, but this is when the hallucinations became extremely intense. Everything in the room became distorted and I couldn't understand what was being said on TV. Everything was funny, and me and T began having deep conversations that made little sense. I looked over at him and realized I was in a comic book, the animation of the world was that of a comic. I laughed hysterically at this and all the nerves on my body felt like they were being squeezed. It was an indescribable feeling.

The hallucinations became more and more intense, his furniture began moving around the room and at different points during the trip the whole world became a cartoon. I looked at T as he was lying down on the couch. The world had become a cartoon. I didn't think it was a cartoon, it simply was a cartoon. I could clearly see every detail of reality had been drawn by an artist. the whole world was a painting.

T realized it was 1 A.M and he had work at 9 so he tried to go to sleep. I decided to go outside because my trip was still peaking and I wanted to trip some more. I layed in his backyard with a pillow, my ipod, and some headphones and looked at the stars. This is when my most intense hallucinations began.

It was a clear night and the stars were very visible, I could see the eyes of some gigantic being (whom I thought was God) staring down at me from the stars. I felt so happy and at one with the world. I stared at the other end of space, imagining myself being launched from T's backyard to the other end of the universe. sky seemed like a giant blanket and as Deadmau5 played I imagined flying through the stars.

The stars began dancing around the sky, for me. They moved with the music in my pioneer Headphones. I felt as if they were moving to enlighten me on my trip. I was  in complete harmony.

I was lying in his backyard for about an hour before my trip began fading, I went back inside, watched a couple more episodes of family guy, then went to sleep. I had the time of my life and plan on doing a little more next time. Shrooms are amazing.

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