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Very Bad Gel Tabs

One time my friends and I were looking fo some gel tabs to eat.

One time my friends and I were looking fo some gel tabs to eat. We found some questionable kids to sell us some LSD and we bought two 10 strips. We took two tabs each and went to a place called celebration station ( its like an arcade, go-kart kind - of place . After 2 hours we wern't rripping hard at all. Needless to say we were dissapointed. We called up some friends to see if we could get some shrooms, and sure nough, we bought a half ounce to split between 4 kids who have never eaten shrooms before. We ate the shrooms after 4 hours of shitty gel tabs, and within 15 minutes, we were all tripping so hard, that it felt like when we walked, the earth was moving under our feet and we wern't going anywhere. Finally we started to get visuals. Eveerything, and I mean everything, started to melt away and get washed away by our thoughts. None of us could even walk straight and we sure as hell couldn't talk coherently. The tabs made us stay awake until late morning, but we all had a blast. Best trip I ever had

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