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Trip off Full Circle legal incense

Hallucinating off incense...?
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Ok, so incense isn't legal anymore, but at the time it was. I try to stay away from incense, it usually gives me a watered down effect of weed and makes me really tired. But it was the only thing around so I decided why not.

I was at a friend of mine's house and we were on his back porch taking bong hits of this relatively new type of incense called Full Circle. I'd had it a couple of times before, and it seemed to be the most potent incense I'd ever had. 

By the end of our toking session I had taken three or four big bong hits and wasn't expecting anything more than being stoned. I then drove 15 minutes home and decided to play drums to some music. After about 10 minutes of playing the effects really began to hit me. I was already pretty high from the bong hits, but the feeling kept increasing. Soon everything became darker and I woud phase in and out of consciousness as I was playing drums. It was the wierdest feeling, I was continuously playing, but I kept blacking out. Soon I got up and just decided to watch some TV. 

As soon as I sat down I became extremely heavy and fell over on my side. I realized I couldn't move and began laughing my ass off. In reality I was scared outta my mind, but I was so out of it I couldn't stop.

Eventually I forced myself up (after about 10 minutes) and decided to sleep off my extremely unenjoyable high. When I layed down in my bed and pulled the covers over my legs I could feel every atom of the blanket on my skin, this is when I began hallucinating. I started seeing the colors on my walls change. Soon I was seing full blown figures moving across my walls. I saw the head of  dragon morph into a soccerball on my flooor.

Eventually I forced myself to sleep at about 6 P.M. I woke up at 1 A.M. and was completely disoriented. I'm no stranger to hallucinogens, but I've never tripped from incense. I still don't know what caused this trip, but I've had this incense many times before and after this trip, and have never had an experience like that.
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