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Benadryl: Don't Do It

My drunken adventure with a Benadryl OD

It was a beautiful day as I arrived back on campus from a short-lived break. We had one week before exams started but I was more interested in going out with friends than studying. I didn't get what I wanted however. Disappointed after a dozen phone calls and a dozen people too busy on a Sunday night to have an adventure, I drank a couple of 32 oz Miller Highlifes to relieve my boredom. I wasn't very inebriated and wanted something more, but I couldn't get a gram of weed, so what was I to do? In my half-drunk state, I decided to experiment with Benadryl. Ooops.

Deciding to trip Benadryl in the first place was mistake number one. The second was foolishly remembering each pill to be 10mg and taking 15. 150 mg of Benadryl looked like a moderate enough dose. Unfortunately, I remembered wrong. Each pill was 25 mg, which brought my dose to a grand total of 375mg, two and a half times the dose I planned for.

I walked around in the dark  for a while waiting for it to kick in. The moon was out and the breeze was cool. I kicked around in the woods behind campus for a while before deciding I wanted to be indoors before whatever it was hit me. Traversing the stairway of my dorm, I got into a friend's room as my whole body was starting to relax. They were playing Call of Duty as I sat down on the couch and let them know what I had done. "What? Fucking benadryl?"

My whole body relaxed more than I could imagine possible. I felt drunk and everything was a little strange. When I talked, I babbled incessantly. For a while, I was really enjoying myself. This intense euphoria enveloped my brain and I started seeing bright colors. My thought process started changing in this insane almost indescribable way. Like weed, I started losing track of my short-term memory. Unlike weed, this memory loss was intoxicating and blurry. I realized that I was playing CoD...my friend had given me the controller...but I had been staring at the screen without any sense of what was happening. Then I started playing...there was something really strange in front of me...I had no thoughts in my head...I don't know what's going on...I'm playing CoD, oh, that's what's happening...

It went on like this. Then I realized something incredible and horrifying. I was on the couch and nobody was in the room. I'm sure I didn't hallicinate all of that...I just was remembering it happening from 20 minutes ago. Since then, everyone had left. My friend came back into the room and sat down next to me. "Man," I said, still messed up as hell, "I've been sitting here remembering things like it actually is happening...I dont..." Looking over, I realize I'm sitting on a couch and I'm all alone. I look in front of me as my friend walks into the room and sits down next to me. I start talking to him, then the same thing happens. He doesn't exist.

This went on for who knows how long. After everyone had gone to sleep, I stumbled drunkenly back to my room, where my roommate realized immediately I was drugged out of my mind. He's a psych major and started telling me what was happening to me. I was displaying every symptom of paranoid scizophrenia and had lost control of the speech sections of my brain. The first few things out of my mouth made sense, but then I would phase out into gibberish. I thought I was making sense, but I wasn't.

I felt intensely poisened and desparately wanted to sleep, but I could not. I spent thirty minutes trying to plug in my computer, but apparently I was on the wrong side of the room the whole time tryinig to plug it into a coffee mug. I did everything over and over and over again. I was hallucinating people talking to me the whole time. Even after my roommate went to sleep, I would think it was hours earlier and ask him what he said. Then I'd realize he was asleep and I was all alone.

I tried walking down the hallway at 3 or 4 pm, but everthing was yellow and poisened. The hallway was an agent, a personified force. There was this yellow work lamp that had two lights side by side on one end of the hallway. It wanted to hurt me.

Jesus. I couldn't sleep. For real, it took me 48 hours to get over the trip. I missed class and my roommate almost took me to the ER the next morning since my heartrate was so low and out of rhythm. Thankfully I survived, but I can't believe I tried that. Never again. Seriously, this was the most horrible experience of my life.

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