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fucked up

 7 p.m
okay, so it was a friday, my friends (lets call them c and b) went to the movies to see alice and the wonderland. My friends c and b were with me in the bathrooms of the movie theatre smoking a joint when my friend (c) pulled out a baggy of what looked like dry dog shit. I asked him what it was and or course he said shrooms. He pulled them out of the bag and offered me 9 of them, We were all unexperienced with shrooms so at the time I didn't know that was a little to much for a noob :). I ate one to see how they tasted and it was horrible, i popped the rest on my mouth and took a drink of arizona watermelon tea and swollowed them down fast. The taste was like dry dirt and paprika, it was very grose. we walked back in the movies and sat down, since we all had 9 i thought we were going to be tripping our balls off but nothing happend, about 45 minutes later i started feeling all warm and fuzzy as if i was sully from monsters inc. I felt like a bear, all warm and cozy. I asked my friends if they were tripping and they said no.

10 p.m
after the movie we went to my friend b's house, i was still only feeling warm and cozy and my friend b rolled a blunt and we smoked some purple haze and blue dreams. I was feeling very nice and comfy and relaxed, nothing how i had expected, i expected to trip balls (little did i know what i was in for) i was sitting down in a bean bag chair playing call of duty black ops when i saw little army men crawling out of the tv, they looked like they were trying to catch me but i wouldnt let them, i was fighting them off of me, it sounds scary but was actually very fun, I couldn't stop laughing they would get so close to me and then i just flicked them away as if they were nothing, they were so helpless, it was so funny, I managed to crawl across the floor and turn the xbox 360 off and rolled over, i saw the ceiling fan and started laughing even more because the blades were spinning so fast and i kept telling them to slow down but they were bein stuborn and wouldnt listen so i thought they were being mean and it was funny that ceiling fans could be mad,
11 p.m
at somewhere around 11:30 me and my friends became very hungry, from the weed probably, and decided to go downstairs to eat, he made microwaved pizza pockets, the whole value pack, and we ate them one by one until they were gone, i remember i thought they were talking to me and telling me not to eat them and i remember tellin them to stop making me feel bad about it because i was so hungry. after that i went in my friends room and his elmo slippers started talking to me about polotics and about donald trump should not win the election and shit. elmo eventually told me to stop bitching and then stopped answering me, i became mad and threw him out my friends window
12 p.m
i put on headphones and listened to kid cudi, i started tripping and hearing noises i had never heard before in songs i listen to all the time, i heard noises i didnt know exsisted and i remember i was in the song crawling on the floor smoking pot with kid cudi, I remember feeling the pizza pockets crawl up my stomach and bite my intestines trying to crawl out of me because i had ate them earlier so i felt the need to have my friend c punch me in te stomach to knock them back down into my belly. i remember going to sleep listening to do it alone by kid cudi and looking at the tv change shapes and colors and then i was getting woke up the next morning to eat breakfast.
10 a.m
my friend said he had something to show me. At this point I wasn't high at all anymore. but it turned out he had left his webcam on earlier since we were on oovoo, and it recorded the night we watched it and we were all just on the floor laughing the whole time and by friend c punched me a couple times and we fell down laughing lol..shrooms are the shizznit

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