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My first experience.

Three people, one eight each.

My two long time friends(1 a girl, 1 a guy, i'll probably just refer to them as M, the girl, and D, the guy.) and i decided we were finally gonna try Shrooms, to put it simply we were STOKED. We finally got them and got one of my friends parents(M's mom) to sit for us at M's house. My other friend delivered them directly to my house the very same morning, 'freshly dried' he said. I still think that was a stupid thing to say. I had fasted the morning and part of the night before---I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS AND I WILL EXPLAIN WHY LATER. 

So now the saga begins...

We took the Shrooms around 10 am. We took an eight each, measured them out exactly.Ate caps and stems whole, just dipped them in peanut butter. Everyone got the same amount of each. There ended up being a few grams left.

We knew it could take a while for them to hit us, so we decided to put in a movie to set a good mood for the trip. D decided that movie should be Superbad. At the beginning we really did have every intention of watching the movie but were eventually so excited we just started talking about what was ahead. Eventually we decided to go outside so M could smoke a cigarette.

By the time we went outside it had been about 20 minutes, and this is when it finally hit me. Right when i got up off of M's bed i felt intensely dizzy and high. I could feel the trip coming on and i told my friends immediately. Once we got outside D and I sat on the edge of M's porch, she was sitting in a chair just behind us enjoying her cigarette. I found the smoke to be so enchanting, i took the cigarette from her, they just stared at me like i was insane, i don't even smoke the things. I tried to take a drag but the smoke felt so good in my mouth i didn't inhale. It had been only 5 minutes when we decided to go in because i was wasting the cigarettes. As we walked down the hall to go back to M's room i began laughing HYSTERICALLY. Uncontrollably, really, the  sound of my own laughter made me laugh even more. M and D were still entirely sober, It had only be 25 minutes since we ate them. D became frustrated and ate another 1.5 grams at this point. I wasn't even aware we was doing so, i was on the bed laying down tracing the top of the bunk bed above me. I finally stopped laughing and just stared into the wood of the bottom of the bunk. There were two pictures hung up. One abstractly drawn of a face, the other was a collage of random shapes images and pictures.
-1 hour mark - After another 30 minutes of staring at these i leaned up and saw D and M were in the same state, quiet, staring at things and tracing them with there finger tips. I noticed all the colors were more vibrant, they seemed to glow. I walked over to the computer and sat at the chair. I turned around so i could observe D and M. They were both sweating profusely and crying. They said they were just so happy. At this point i realized i was having small hallucinations. The banana peel on the desk was growing and shrinking and blending colors.
-1 hour, 30 minutes- Now M and D had came out of their observant state and joined me. I began feeling extremely silly. I flicked the banana and as if verifying what they had assumed stated "the peel is real". M got up and stared at the peel. She picked it up with a pencil and flung it at the computer screen. This is when I realize we were nearing our peak. M's face went completely white and she screamed and pointed at the mirror, when i looked my reflection was distorted. It was me.. but not me. It was like i was a corpse. I gave M the chair i was sitting in, and i do not remember almost ANYTHING that happened in the next 45 minutes, but i'll do my best to describe it.
-2 hours, peak(approx 45 minutes)- Suddenly i found myself standing in the center of the room. M and D watching me. I had my aarms spread wide, i have no clue why. I remembered that i had just given M the office chair by the computer but i didn't feel like it was the same ME. My ego was suddenly fractured. My voice was LOUD, and every sound around me for miles was amplified. I asked my friends why they were watching me and i felt SO self concious. I broke out laughing, blushed and screamed at them to stop watching me. They laughed hysterically and both got out of there seats. D was on M's bed, M was in the office chair. Then we were all just standing in the center of M's small bedroom for some reason. This is where i lose ALL concept of time and have bits and pieces of memory loss. 
-Lost time haha- Next thing i know since we were all standing in the room, i find myself laying on the bed next to m. She informs me we've been outside 3 more times, i got a little wet trying to catch a frog in a creek and that D is now hallucinating extremely. So when i finally got the strength to sit up i see D standing in the middle of the room, his hands were snatching at the air like he was trying to catch something. He yelled at me saying " your copying me, stop it! stop! your making me feel self concious" and started laughing, almost EXACTLY like i had done 40 minutes earlier. He began to hallucinate less so we went to M's front yard, now we ALL needed a cigarette. So we went and sat in some lawn chairs under a big oak in m's front yard. At this point her little brother had finally woken up and was PISSED at us. He wanted to try shrooms but he was REALLY young like 13 so we didn't let him, Him and his friends decided to mess with us while we sat in the front yard. One asked why we were smoking cigarettes. M, D and I made contact with each other then nodded, i said "these are allergy pills" it made PERFECT sense to us at the time. We then went inside and tried to smoke a bowl or two, No clue why. we packed one bowl and could each only take one hit before we decided it was WAY too much work. 

Around 5 pm M and I had finally come down. D was still extremely high and tripping, as he took the additional 1.5grams 20 minutes after the eighth. M's older sister wanted some, so we gave her what was left, about 2 grams. She's done them lots before she said, and she could handle it so we gave her them. Eventually we ended up in her car(we'll call her N) N drove us to the forest where we would eventually find ourselves chasing her as she begins her trip  Now, about an hour after M and I came down, D came down. He cried, couldn't tell us why. He just said he felt like we were all beautiful. He was incredibly sentimental and emotional for about 2 days after the experience. 

If you fast before hand, once you come down, your stomach will KILL YOU. I was in IMMENSE pain after i came down(luckily AFTER i came down). I vomited twice in the woods and was also very tired. 

Sorry this turned out to be so long. I hope you found this to be of some use. Shroom's changed my life, i had various insights and epiphanies in following trip's.. the first one was just plain fun. Thanks. Good luck and be safe. Have fun too :] 

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