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First Huffing Experience

First Time Huffing Gas

I wrote this trip report the day after it happened, back when I was in high school.  This was back when I was fairly new to drugs, I now have much more experience.  I forgot about it until I recently re-read my own trip report, and thought it was interesting enough to share.  Enjoy.


The Experience:
I went into my garage the other evening (around 6pm) and took a large red container full of gasoline off the shelf. I unscrewed the lid, put my nose in the opening, and took approximately 20 deep inhales. As I tried to put the lid back on (which I greatly struggled with), I became light headed (in a good way) and my body was fuzzy. I felt like I was fading in and out of reality. There were times when I had no idea where the hell I was. The feeling of being blown away felt similar to my first experience with really potent marijuana (which was so strong I had a full blown panic attack and ended up laying in bed for six hours twitching uncontrollably...I still had a fantastic time). After finally putting the gas container back on the shelf, I went back into my house and decided to go hang out in my room. The moment I entered my room my vision seemed to fade away and I blacked out. When my vision "came back", I was no longer in my room, but walking down a crowded hallway at school with a good friend of mine. This seemed completely normal to me - I had completely forgotten that I was still under the influence of gasoline - I actually thought I was at school. As we were walking down the hallway, a girl who I had never seen before stopped my friend to talk to him (I was unable to hear any dialogue) and I stood a few feet away waiting to continue down the hall. He didn't seem to be listening to what she had to say. She suddenly stopped talking to my friend and walked over to me and grabbed my shirt and held me in front of her. Her bright green eyes dilated and it sounded as though she was hissing at me. She then repeatedly told me to "wake up", and started banging my head against the wall. She kept on doing this while constantly telling me to "wake up". Thinking I was enduring an ordinary day of school, I had no idea what the hell she was talking about. She then lifted me off my feet (by my shirt) and threw me all the way down the hall against the wall. She then appeared by my side, lifted me up, and a green gas (no pun intended) came out of her eyes and it felt like she was sucking out my soul. She started telling me to wake up again, and reached into my chest and ripped out my heart. Everything went black again for a few seconds.
I then "woke up" sitting on a stone chair with a knife in my heart. A doctor was hovering over me and told me about a new drug they were testing on patients who were going to have surgery. He said it was unique because they would know when they were about to wake up, and asked me if it had worked. I suddenly felt like everything I had just experienced made perfect sense now, and told him "yes". He seemed pleased, his eyes turned green, his pupils dilated, and he injected more of the "new experimental drug" into my arm. Everything went black once again. A while later (I have no idea how long I blacked out for), I woke up - for real this time - lying on the floor of my bedroom (I had collapsed). My body was twitching, which at the time I thought was hilarious. I stood up. I was still light headed and felt out of it (in a good way). I sat down at my desk and attempted to get some work done. I tried to finish an accounting packet for 3 hours - no luck. The night flew by, and I eventually crawled into bed around 11. I wasn't "high" the entire night, but I could definitely feel the effects of the gas until I went to sleep. I had some crazy-ass dreams that night, but I can't remember what they were about.
In conclusion, it was a fun and crazy experience. It's definitely not something that I will do too often, but it was great fun and I plan on doing it again.
Well, there you go.  I left the report unedited, so I will clear up a couple things.  I had a nasty headache the following day, but after it went away it never came back, and I didn't notice any brain damage.  I planned on doing this again sometime, but never actually got around to it.  I may try it again someday if I'm really bored and have nothing else available, but there are so many other drugs that are better for you (or less harmful I should say).  I know brain damage can occur from huffing, and death is always a possibility, but neither of those came from this experience.

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