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Really freaking brilliant first trip

Such a newbie

I had an amazing experience last night using mushrooms for the first time.  I was a little worried beforehand, because I was afraid I might have a bad trip, but it turned out to be one of the highlights of my year.

Anyway, me:
I'm 20, 115-ish lbs, female, and before this, have only used weed infrequently.  I've always felt that the mind expansion (forgive that phrase) that comes with any sort of drug, including alcohol and tobacco, should be a sometimes thing, used to augment your life in the right places at the right times.  This is why I've never experimented much.

My boyfriend and I acquired an eighth to split between us, and we stayed in his bedroom for the duration of the trip.  I took a little under half an eighth, since I weigh less, and he took the rest.  We boiled water and soaked the mushrooms for awhile, eating them when they became soft, and drinking the leftover water.  The taste was kind of nasty, but I was able to eat them with relative ease, while boyfriend had some difficulty.

We put on a Disney movie and settled in, waiting for the effects to hit.  It took about 25 minutes before I felt anything, and what I felt was minor, my head and back of my neck felt hot and I was sort of restless.  About 45 minutes in, I started hysterically giggling out of nowhere because a character in the movie was wearing what I apparently thought was the stupidest hat ever.  I started feeling pretty good and happy, feeling the need to constantly get up, thinking that my hot head needed to be closer to the ceiling.  Boyfriend felt some hotness and tingling, but was otherwise still fairly normal.

I'm not sure how long it took before I started the trip, but I noticed it after we turned off the lights in the room.  Every color created a rainbow leading from the source of the color!  I then transitioned into full-on trip.  I started wandering around the room, looking at all the colors, not believing that I'd never noticed them before.  I was also feeling really physically good.  I was choking on my happiness.  I felt a little nauseous, and couldn't lay down, but I was able to mostly ignore the nausea.

At this point, I was completely ignoring the movie.  I originally thought it would be a key part of the trip, since I didn't know exactly what to expect, but I ended up not even noticing it was there, completely phasing it out.  I was still focused on colors.  Everything looked clear, I was having no hallucinations, just physical sensations and an overwhelming fascination with color.  At this point, I was entirely naked except for my underwear.

The trip proceeded in two different ways: A progression of aging, and a progression of sense.  Each "step" of the trip had the quality of different parts of life.  The beginning of the trip was immature and wondrous, but contained nothing deeper, and then moved on to a feeling of young adulthood, then a "wiser" feeling which I attributed to middle age, etc. All these feelings encompassed the best parts of aging, and it was like some tiny part of my soul was moving through an entire lifetime of its own during the space of one trip, like its sole purpose was to give me this amazing experience.  As for the sensory part of things, I started out being visually fascinated by everything, then I noticed physical sensation.  I wanted to touch everything.  Everything had this texture that was like texture on steroids.  Then, aural sensation.  I had a mild freakout and demanded to turn the movie off to listen to music.  The music was amazing!  My boyfriend put on trance music to tease/make fun of me (because I was acting like a total hippie at this point), but it felt perfect, even though logically, I was kind of laughing at myself.  I recall describing one sound as "wiggly" and it gave me delightful shivers.  After awhile, the music became less important, and I noticed taste.  I could taste my own saliva!  I also had trouble closing my mouth.  It seemed impossible to close.

During all of this, I was experiencing rolling epiphanies, one after the other, like tsunamis shaking everything in me.  It was almost too much to take, but in a good way!  I don't know if I've ever experienced such joy!  At the peak of my trip, I was having minor visual hallucinations, but not like "oh my god!  Snakes are coming out of the walls!" more like...surfaces were shifting somehow, or I'd suddenly notice something out of the corner of my eye, usually something bright.  At one point I was convinced that my jacket was a mannequin leg.  In a way, my surroundings looked like watching a 3D movie without the 3D glasses on, but with wayyy more detail and texture.

The end of the trip was probably the most powerful.  This was the "death" stage in my trip's aging process for me, but it was a good death, a moving on, if you will.  I was face down on the bed, my legs mostly tucked underneath me, and I was listening to music, unmoving, I couldn't bring myself to move, and every second, a huge wave of emotion would pass over me, corresponding with how the music felt and looked like.  My eyes were closed the whole time, and I was seeing worlds and universes against the darkness my eyelids cast, mostly pastel colors, and I was crying a lot from the beauty of it all.  I can't come anywhere close to describing what was actually going on during this part.

My trip ended abruptly.  One minute, I was ecstatic, feeling everything, and the next I was back to a similar state as the one I felt directly before I started intensely tripping.  I almost immediately became overwhelmed with exhaustion, and fell asleep soon after.

I felt the need throughout the trip to describe all the feelings and all the things that were happening to me, sort of a log, if you will.  It was very very important to me to explain everything, and I actually achieved some introspective breakthroughs by doing this.  Usually I arrange my thoughts through writing, but I could barely hold a pencil, let alone concentrate on it enough to write my thoughts down, so talking was incredibly soothing and productive for me.

I don't want to discuss the details of my personal breakthroughs, and I will not discuss the sexual part of the experience, but they were majorly important, and they were the most of what I got out of this brilliant trip.

Boyfriend stayed in a level 1 trip the entire time, which was sort of disappointing, but it barely affected my trip.  In fact, it was probably good, because he allowed me to use him in such a way that enhanced my experience.  He stood still when I needed him to, moved where I asked him to when I thought it felt "better" that he be in a different spot, and talked me through a more difficult train of thought near the end of my trip.

The trip, excluding the parts where I just felt tingly or hot, lasted about 2 1/2 or 3 hours, but it felt like I was in that state for days.  I was really shocked to find out how little time had passed once I came out of my state of ecstasy. 

Overall, I'm just blown away by the experience, and I'm really happy that I had such a great time throughout, especially since it was my first time with mushrooms.  I'm willing to try them again in the future, but for right now I'm completely content with what I had, and I think it will be a long time before I wish to embark on a journey into eternity and back.

Funny things that happened during my trip: 
2. Telling my boyfriend he looked like a Na'vi.
3. Me: "I should get a tattoo."  Boyfriend: "No. That's a bad idea right now." Me:  "Then draw on me with a Sharpie."  *wake up the next morning*  Me: "What the shit...what is all this?"
Me:  "OH MY GOD, THE COLORS!  LOOK AT ALL THOSE COLORS!"  Boyfriend:  "All those colors...you mean blue?"

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