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alternate realities

 Let me start off by saying HOLY SHIT, DMT. My friend gets his DMT from some shaman who uses an organic solvent when extracting =D. I've smoked DMT a few times before but this was the most INTENSE experience of MY LIFE.

Setting: the middle of a forest (some property nobody owns just a bunch of bushes. cut out a pathway to the center and had some chairs and shit)

Dose: about 100mg (yeah i know.... accident) the dmt was mixed in with ash in a glass pipe with a screen

I hold the hit in for about 10 seconds by the 10th second i'm tripping my balls off and forget that i had been holding in my breath for so long. It starts out a little like mushrooms then gets more and more intense. The bushes keep getting bigger and brighter until POOF they morph into purple, black, blue, and yellow lines. I was in another universe. I saw fractals, planets, shapes off all kind. I saw these beings... they kind of looked like aliens. They had oval heads(like ours but taller) and pointy ears. There were about 3 or 4 of them and they were just staring at me with the utmost curiosity. Heres where i black out a little...Ego Death.... Then i snap out of it and im still hallucinating like a mother fucker. I still saw no green even though i was surrounded by green. Everything was now blue and wavy as fuck like water. All my memories and everything my brain had to offer seemed to be flashing in front of me like everything was happening in one single instant. I was seeing past friends, girlfriends, acquaintences, etc. The body high was still SO intense at this point. It was overwhelming. The hallucinations FINALLY started dying down. Then i could finally start to calm down. It was the most terrifying/interesting experience of my life.I never knew how powerful DMT could be until that day. 

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