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Not Quite What I Expected

Chillin' in the park. :)

Hi :) 

I'm new to the Shroomery and also new to magic mushrooms. Here's where the story begins.

My friend and I (Let's call her V) have been wanting to do shrooms for a few months, but we had no way to get them. We found out how to grow them ourselves, and the process was really easy and it turned out great.

We started off the day by smoking a bowl in my room to chill us out for what would await us in the mushrooms.

We then chose a nearby park to do the shrooms at, because I know that nature is pretty amazing when tripping. Well we took the shrooms (2g dried, for each of us) chopped up in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (a very effective way of masking the taste), and just kinda chilled in the grass for a while. I didn't concentrate too much on waiting for them to kick in, I just went with the flow. Right after we took them, my friend and I decided that we should go back to my house to get some more pillows and blankets. She stayed at the park and I rode my back quickly back to my house. I hadn't begun to feel them yet, I went home and talked to my mom just fine. My mom even helped me get the pillows to the park, she drove them over and I rode the bike back.

My friend V and I decided that we weren't feeling much of anything yet, so we decided to take one more .5g mushroom each, making the total dose 2.5g. We chilled in the grass for a while longer.  I started to feel different. I couldn't recognize the feeling much because it was a new substance, but, oh yeah, the shrooms had hit me by then. We then decided to leave because of all the people at the park. We rode our bikes and supplies back to my house. We couldn't ride the bikes in a straight line, and when we got off the bikes, we couldn't walk straight either. It felt to me like everything was spinning. We took off into my room and I sat on my bed. My room kinda freaked me out, the walls were breathing, and the frog poster I have on my wall looked like it was trying to fly away. 

I just realized at this point that I had to go to the bathroom, so I left V in my room and went off to the restroom. (Sorry if the details gross you out, but..) As I was sitting on the toilet, I just kept looking all around me in amazement. The patterns on the tiles in my shower were moving back and forth, and I could see 2x's of them. The bathroom door looked like it was really really tall and far away. The color on it seemed to pop, it was a beautiful golden orange wood color. As I got up off the toilet and washed my hands, my body was just kind of swirling, (that's the best way I can describe it). My whole body felt very heavy and like jelly. I went back into my room and looked at my eyes in my full size mirror. (I heard to never ever look into a mirror when tripping, but I didn't get scared at all, maybe it's just me..?) My friend said my pupils weren't that bad but they were huge. (My parents are pretty stupid, I come into my house all the time after smoking weed with bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth, and I've never been questioned, so I didn't worry about my eyes). 

I would compare the body high from the shrooms to a very strong weed high, it was almost exactly like how it used to be when I first started smoking (about a year ago), which was enjoyable.

We went back to V's house, because we felt we could control ourselves. Everything in her house tripped me out, when we first walked in some hangers were moving wildly and I kinda freaked out. haha. When we went into V's room, I basically hit the floor. My body felt so heavy and I felt like jelly, I just flowed everywhere. I didn't have a whole lot of visuals, but I remember I had some patterns in my head when I closed my eyes. Mostly what happened was the sizes of things would confuse me. For example, V got up to check on her ferrets, and I was convinced that the ferret cage was as tall as a building, so I was like, "Woah, I didn't know you were that tall!" The other thing I noticed was that some things would appear to "breathe", especially the walls. We did have a couple bad moments though, my friend started crying hysterically because she thought she lost one of her ferrets, which happened to be sleeping under her dresser (..ferrets these days.. >.> lol), and I convinced myself at one point that I was gonna go crazy and be tripping forever. 

I had a really fun time. It wasn't as intense and out of control as my friends had said it would be, however. I don't think you can have a bad trip. To me it's not much different from a weed high except for the visuals. As long as you don't let the visuals freak you out, I think you're fine. Shrooms are really amazing and I'll be trying them more in the future :)

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