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code to life

during ego loss i witness a ''code to life''

during my second mushroom trip i had taken about 1/4 ounce of mushrooms over the course of maybe 4 hours. the beginning of the trip i felt it had a strong grip on my brain and almost seemed in control of certain behaviors. this faded into pure euphoria and visual distortions and eventually hallucinations that were out of this world. at one point i was staring at the bottom of a loft in my dorm room which had several posters, one poster was a picture of several girls in a seductive poses. the poster turned into 3-d and the girls started waling towards me and smiling and laughing and just having fun. 

after a while my interest turned from the manifestation of hallucinations to the antlered thought process i was experiencing. i was thinking about concepts i can't even comprehend now, for some reason i had the urge to meditate although i had never tried this or even had a interest in. i started focusing  on relaxation and felt something very odd i felt like if i concentrated hard enough i could let go but i kept getting interrupted. i put earplugs in and a blindfold and tried again. this time i was able to completely let go, i became completely dissociated with my body and life. i felt i was simply a source of energy with a consciousness somewhere in the universe. while i was in this kind of trance i witnessed what i can only describe as a sort of code that apparently made up and influenced everything that exists. the code was communicating with me but not in any language. the code seemed to alter my thought to give me information. it seemed to show me i was not meant to be a human and called my body a human machine. it also began creating things out of this code such as complex machines but i could not comprehend the functions or purpose. it also showed me people are made of this code and that disease is simply an error in the code and could be rewritten. i seemed to try to show me how but it was far to complex. it tried to show me that a simple thought could change the code. at this time i had returned to my body but it didnt seem like it was me it was just a human machine i had control of. the code gave me a thought that gave me control of my tear ducts and at my will i could make a steady stream of tears start and stop with a simple though.

when i came down i felt disappointed i was unable to understand the code and control it. however i was amazed by the fact i could control my tear ducts, although i've heard of people who often tear up on shrooms the idea was still astounding to me. the fact that a though or idea can cause a physical reaction. even the next day i felt myself obsessing over this and thinking if my though can create a tear why cant it create some other beneficial physical effect like maybe rewriting my own DNA or program anitbodies or natural killer cells to destroy any imperfection in my body. 

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