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3-Day Adventure

A tale of enlightenment.

As I clutched the double-vacuum sealed ounce of magic Golden Teachers in my hands, I instantly was filled with a sense of excitement. But I had to wait for my co-tripper to get off of work. I had decided that a month was ENOUGH to wait for, but I didn't want to deprive my friend and I of the experience. I was faced with a dilemma. Ironically enough, when I weighed and measured the "ounce", I had found that my dealer had given me and extra 2 grams! 30 grams in total! SO I figured there would be no harm in taking 2 grams, right? After all, it's only 2 grams! Ha. I was in for a nice trip even before I knew it. So I popped those bad boys in my mouth and down the hatch.

I must add that they don't taste HORRIBLY. To me, they had the consistency of stale popcorn and the taste of...well, I can't really pin point that one yet, haha.

Trip #1: "An Appetizer"

I started watching Family Guy on [AS] and just enjoyed the episode. As soon as it was over, that's when everything started breathing. I put one of those white meshed hospital blankets over my face and the feeling was absolutely splendid. I felt like I had mosquito-vision. I stood up to take a shit and I started feeling it even more. I have this ceramic star-fish and it was just fluctuating in size. I stood up and looked in the mirror to be greeted by super-dilated pupils.


I went back to my room and turned the light on. Everything was moving side to side, up and down. Basically, it felt like I was in a trick house. I opened the door and looked down the hallway at what seemed at the time like a dark abyss of nothing. So instead of going in there, I felt like I should stick to a safer route and stay in my room. For some reason, I ended up noticing my full trash can and proceeded to throwing it out. Again, I turned the light off and laid down. I turned on Pandora on my cell phone and just started vibing to the Aphex Twin that was playing. The bed seemed HUGE. Or maybe I just seemed small? Whatever the case, I started playing around with my FLIP camera. In the reflection of my head board, I could see a green light and a blue light and they were dancing with each other. The more and more I looked at them, the more emotional I got. I actually started crying out of sheer joy. I started using the FLIP'S backlight as an impromptu shadow puppet light. After having fun with that, I sat down on the floor but then realized that my rug was very uncomfortable so I jumped back into my bed. Something also told me that my room wasn't ready to have a full trip in so I was determined to make the proper preparations before the trip the next day for my main journey starting with taking my shaky and noisy bed frame out. After another few hours of enjoying the piano music coming from my phone, I turned it off and called it a night. It was a great time.


Finally Thursday came around. The big day. My two buddies and I. I had made all the preparations and everything was set. Many pillows, music playlist ready, and most importantly, a nice movie. My buddies came over and everything was going to start. One of my buddies decided to take them as they were while my other female friend and I decided to cut them up and put them in a chocolate snack-pack pudding (really makes no difference, you still taste the shrooms)"T"took 3 grams, "W" took 2 grams, and I took 5 grams. As we played the movie on the PS3's Netflix service, we relaxed, and waited for the trip to being. And may I add that the movie of choice was "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"? Oh yeah.

Trip #2: "Reaching for the Frontier"

As the movie started, things were happening quickly. Why was the guy seeing bats? Why did he have a fucking ARSENAL of drugs in his trunk? Why is his afro'd buddy crazy?! Who knew? But I just kept watching. After 30 minutes, I started feeling my arms getting heavy. I instantly broke out in laughter. "T" started seeing vibrant colors, by his account and "W" rushed to the bathroom. I looked to my popcorned ceiling and and is looked like a bunch or tiny glittered-whirlpools. After getting tired of hearing/seeing the movie, I turned it off and switched it to "Hey Arnold!" Again, I had no idea what the hell was going on with it. I noticed that "W" was taking a but too long in the bathroom so I sent "T" to check up on her. She was in there freaking out and wouldn't open the door. I told him to let her be for a while and I sat on my bed. The room seemed to shrink and grow to the point where I seemed like I was looking at it in another perspective. Again, "W" was still in the bathroom. At this point, I was getting slightly annoyed at the situation and decided to try and console her. I went to the bathroom door and she said, 


"If you open this door I'll kill you."

So I immediately thought that she was having a "flow" issue. But I told her I needed to go use the toilet and she reluctantly opened the door, thereby dismissing my assumption. She walked out and waited in a corner of my room for me to get out. While peeing, I looked in the mirror and I put my hand on my face and dragged my face down. It seemed to stretch a bit so I left it alone. I opened the door and "W" had bum-rushed me and closed the door behind me. She had told me that she was called her friend "R" to come and pick her up, even though "W" drove herself here. Instantly a feeling of anger surged through me due to her completely stupid decision. But alas, I couldn't blame her. She was having a bad trip and I couldn't really bag on her about it. So I just waited for her to calm down. Meanwhile, "T" was not feeling much. Maybe because he has a history of taking several different drugs ranging from Adderall to Mescaline? Who knows? I went ahead and laid on the floor with a pillow and my legs running up the side of my bed. "W" finally emerged from the bathroom and laid down on the bed with a pillow to her face. I figured that I should put something that would make her happy on TV so I found "Angry Beavers" and put it on. As soon as the intro trumpets began we all broke out in laughter. I actually had to play it again to figure out what was funny. But it just was, haha. "W" insisted that we turn everything off, it would be better that was and she could calm down, so I did. "R" called me and began asking me questions regarding the state of "W" and I told her that she need to calm down and not worry about it. "W" was with friends and everything was going to be okay. After all, it is MUSHROOMS. So she kept insisting that I give her the address to my place but I declined. She got a little irritated and I assured her that everything was going to be fine, that I was going to be the adult in the situation, besides, "T" wasn't even tripping. So we ended the conversation and that was that.

I started pouring out knowledge out of every orifice of my body. I just kept on talking and talking until I got tired. The life knowledge that I was ejecting from my body was amazing. As if everything made sense in life and it was just a part of a bigger plan. That we as humans put too much thought on insignificant things. That is what truly is going to be our downfall. Worrying and trying to make reasoning out of things that, quite frankly, don't have a mystical answer. For example, people say that 2012 will be the end of the world as we know it. People insist on fighting it and they don't understand that WHATEVER will happen, we won't be able to stop. Even if NOTHING happens, we still need to stop worrying about it. More or less, it's Nihilism. Which, by definition,


...is the philosophical doctrine suggesting the negation of one or more putatively-meaningful aspects of life.

We are WAY too obsessed with making something out of nothing at all (quote Coheed and Cambria's song title, haha) and we just need to let it be. Let life flow and be content with it.

The trip began dying down afterwards and we headed downstairs for a nice meal of corndogs, Hot Pockets, and fruit juice. We laughed and kept talking about the trip and out individual experiences. "W" had said that she will never do Shrooms again due to the fact that she doesn't like the feeling of being out of control. As for me, I said that I will finish taking the rest of of the shrooms (roughly 18 grams) and after that, I would be done and I would stick to weed alone. That I would move my life on and stop bullshitting with insignificant things. Find a job, continue my relationship with my significant other, and just let life take it's course. We went to sleep and that was then end of a wonderful trip.


So I planned to trip last night. And this is when the most intense trip yet would happen. I got home at around 8:30 PM and set everything up. I decided that I would go big or go home. Time to "Lemon-Tek".

Trip #3: "The Final Journey"

I took my Lemon Juice, a glass cup, and 8 Grams and mixed it all up. I tried to use a cheese grinder to powder them up but that didn't work too well so I abandoned the effort. I left the mushies there for roughly 30 minutes. The juice didn't turn blue (as I was told it would) but I didn't care. I drank the juice first and downed the shroomies. I was in for a something great. I kept looking at a "Drake" poster on my wall and it seemed to start breathing. I looked at the ceiling and, again, the glitter whirlies were back. I stood up and barely could walk. In the background, I had Deadmau5's "Strobe" playing. Everything was great. I put my iTunes Visualizer on and away I went. I turned the light off and laid on my bed in an awkward position. Suddenly, I began tripping HARD. The visualizer was going stuff that I had NEVER seen it do. It was truly beautiful. Fractals and shapes overtook my room. Everything was strobing and I loved it. I went ahead and went to the bathroom to take a crap and it felt HEAVENLY. As I wiped, I felt like I was getting fudge all over my hands so I looked at them and nothing was there. I finished up and went back to my room. I was a bit scared as to what I would see in the hallway so I darted straight to my bed. I laid down again and, for some reason, something to shove 3 grams down my throat. So, if you're keeping track, that's 11 Grams. 

I started seeing the screen's visualizations jumping out of the screen. It was trying to tell me something. I kept asking it what it wanted but it told me to just lay back and look at the ceiling. Suddenly, I understood. And this is when I experienced an "Ego Death".

Everything was going to be okay. I saw into the future and I saw everything was going to be okay. I didn't need to worry about the economy because in the end, everything would be fixed. Everything with my family would be fixed, we would get better. I know it doesn't really make sense but at the time it really did. 

Also, time is NOT an object or something that can be traveled through because it is a man-made concept. Therefore, this obsession we have with time-travel is completely worthless. Things will be carried out as is, and there is truly nothing that we can do about it. We all worry about "if we will be successful" when the more we worry, the chance of it actually happening shrinks.

As all of this and countless more thoughts began coming to me, I could NOT move. I was completely paralyzed until the experience ended. Then I proceeded to turn everything off and lay my head on the pillow. I drifted to sleep and that was the end of everything. It ended at around 5:30 AM.

All in all, this was a great experience. I'm honestly done with anything but grass.

It's kind of like a train. You can keep on riding it forever really. It's just about deciding when to stop and what stop to get off at. And if you ever actually "finish" experimenting with all the possible outcomes, there's no way that you could be the same person as when you started. Not physically nor mentally/spiritually. There's nothing down that road for me because when you get to the end of it, the knowledge from the 6th experience you had is pretty much dwindled in the shadow for the 36th one. And when you get to your final experience, that is all you really have, the experience. But your mind is already gone. It's kind of like climbing the statue of liberty just to experience a long flight of stairs. There's nothing there except the experience itself. I just don't see the need to experiment because experiencing anything else isn't appealing to me. What else can happen? I start seeing purple teddy bears dancing in mid-air? I don't need to see that. Everyone has their own reason for tripping. Mine was for mental enlightenment. Because that's all I wanted. Like I said, everyone has their reasons for tripping and in the end they'll reach their goals through some means. But experimenting to me never really ends. There's so many different combos that you can do that by the time that they're all experienced, you just won't be the same.  I don't care to chase the high. If I really wanted to, I could get a whole sheet of blotters. I could get Mescaline for a couple hundred. Hell, I could get some crazy shit. But I won't. Just because this experience was just to expand my mind. Most people do this shit for the feeling, I didn't. To tell you the truth the kind of shit that I was saying was wild. I even recorded it. I feel like I got exactly what I was looking for. And now that I found it, I am at peace.

This was my story, I hope that everyone else experiences something as wonderful as I did. Happy tripping, guys. Be safe.

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