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A day at the dentist

my life before my eyes

*This is awhile back, i didn't find this site till this year when i started looking for shrooms,
so its from about 2 years ago.*

Laughing gas, something I thought i knew since i have had over 5 times since i was a kid.
I would always knock half of my tooth out and the dentist would have to replace it about every year or two.
But this time i was going to the dentist to get it replaced because of a crack that had been there for over
a couple of years. So it had been at lease 2 years since i had laughing gas.

When i got there it was the day before the first day of my senior year of high school.
So I thought to my self wow this blows of corse my mom puts this today and not during school.
My dentist who had fixed my tooth every time was there again.
He and my mom talked about each other and how the families are, just caching up and stuff,
so I sat down or sort of laid down on the chair thingy.

Soon the two other dentist came in and put the mask over my noise.
Right after my mom told me she was going to go read out in the waiting room i felt it hit me,
I wanted to yell wait to her but i sort of liked the feeling of the laughing gas and just sat there.

Soon they where ready, and i had no idea what the hell was going on. I opened my mouth and
it felt like it was really flexible haha i don't know why and then my legs sunk into the chair and then my chest
and head!! I felt frozen in time.

I started hearing music... it sounded beautiful like angles were playing it just for me, then i realized that
the gas was making me feel this and that it was the tools making that nose.
I guess the Dr. saw a reaction on my face and asked if i was ok so i replied
with yeah but it was a grunt when it came out of my mouth.

So i decided to just go with the flow and i shut my eyes and all of a sudden I was in space!!
Like i can't really explain what i felt and saw, i was just something flying threw just millions and millions of
universes. I realized that this is real, this is how life and everything is meant to be, not my body and life back
on earth but something just flying forword with no ending.

It felt right and i wish i would still be there some times, but then I snapped back in to reality and I was like what the fuck is this
i don't remember this being like this from the other times!! Then i tried to fight it and remember my life. It was a battle with living
or being wiped from memory. I wanted to cry but it felt so sorrel at the same time. I grabbed a memory of me and
my brother just that morning and i replayed it over and over in my mind to remember who I was.

It was finally over but i was sad in a way. I got up and looked in a mirror and looked at my tooth it was smooth,
but rough in other places so i knew if i wanted to come back again to try it that i had a reason, but i'll save that for another day

Over all I thought it was an amazing experience but i don't think you can find laughing gas anywhere because its like
illegal or some retarded shit but yeah if you get a chance take it trust me.

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