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gimpses of paradise

a taste of heaven

last tuesday,(5/4/11) i decided to take the day off from classes since i threw up the previous day and i didnt have anything important to do anyway.  So as i was lying in bed i remember that i had brewed  up 10 grams of magic mushroom tea from the previous weekend.  I got these mushrooms from NYC and there were extremely potent compared to the other ones ive tried.  and seeing that i had time to kill i decided to drink the whole thing.  I have tripped 3 times before this on mush, and once on peyote but none of those experiences were nearly as breathtaking.

So i chugged down the hole water bottle of tea and watched some MGMT music videos waiting for it to kick in.  When it did i decided to lay on my bed for the whole trip.  At this point i was alone and my roomate wouldnt be back for a good 6 or 7 hours so i judged i had enough time.

when the first effects took hold i closed my eyes and slowly drifted into my mind.  I kept going deeper and deeper as the effects got stronger, and i saw swirling kalidascopes everywhere and some indian gods arms circling and swirling everywhere.  This continued to get stronger as i went deeper as i could start to feel reality tearing at the seems.  Suddenly i was so deep that i could only think single words that would bring back memories, like mom or dad, or other friends, and soon after that i plunged in so deep that i forgot who i was, and felt at one with the universe. i realized everything was connected by some great cosmic force that we all share and after i learned this i finally remembered who i was.  Then after that i began to turn into a huge stone black falcon in my mind, like the one in the pink flooyd videos, and then soon started to come to life and break free of the stone, then i began to fly through the clouds until i came down to a spot in india where this indian man in a loincloth and turban began laughing alot. and then asked me what is  it i most desired?  i told him i wanted to exist, he then asked if that was what i really wanted and i said,  yes that is all.  he than said my dear boy you have been existing all along! and i felt extremely comforted by this.

I was later transported to this garden where i could hear this peacful running water where everything was immensley beautiful and pink and red vapor clouds were everywhere and everything had a sparkaling look and feel. i soon heard the most beautiful sound of my life, it was this womans voice singing a poem, and i soon realized the poem was about me, i couldnt remember much but the one line i do was "the blue lotus blossoms" and i think she was referring to me in that line.  but this voice was so comforting and loving i could feel and hear and taste love all at the same time.  i truly think i visited heaven or something like it. If you guys listen to sphongle,(which im sure you do), it was alot like the voice in the song no turn unstoned, it was the best experience of my life.  after that i soon was on the comedown and i wanted so depratley to go back that i started having a bad trip when i couldnt, after this it just sucked as i got in the shower and sat there until it ended.

all in all the bad part was so worth it to experience paradise, i learned alot from this trip and hope i can revist paradise sometime soon :)!

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