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II: Opposite End of The Spectrum (second trip)

First taste of bad a bad trip.

Unlike my first time booming, we were planning on doing it indoors at a friend's house. Instead of a small group it was actually a pretty large group of 10 or more  people.

I once again took another half eighth. I took my share and chewed it up, this time I came prepared with a back pack full of fun things. Some lights, my computer, various toys, soda. I  sat on a bed with two girls and we started a 'tickle trifecta' and time passed. Unlike the first time where it hit me like a train, I start to feel really funny. The tickling feels really good but my stomach starts to feel funny. I have crazy butterflies and eventually they get so bad I call them moths. I even try to open my mouth to let them fly out. I talk to one of the girls about our past and how things got where they were for a while being very open and honest. She leaves. The movie 'How To Train Your Dragon' is on but I hardly have the capacity to focus on it. My good friend is booming for the first time but unfortunately is feeling very sick and I feel bad for him. Me and two others find our way to the bathroom and that is where we are for most of the night.

It is nice and bright in there and we have a Where's Waldo book. It is extremely trippy and funny. Definitely recommend it. Things soon take a turn for the worse. Everyone in the house is being VERY loud and we are told by the owner to keep it down. Paranoia hits me and I can't help but focus on how we are being so loud and the cops are coming. That is when a kid opens the door and says "So yeah, this kid just ran out in the street and tried to kill himself, cya" and shuts the door. This sends me into a thought process of how could the kid want to end his life and he just attempted that and how if he did things would have gotten horrible and it would just be a horrible experience. We eventually leave the bathroom after failing to make a song on my laptop. We are sitting out in the room now and are all just feeling scared and want to calm down. This girl designated me as her best friend earlier in the night because I was the only one listening to her. I wanted to listen to my music to hopefully calm me down. When I told her this she started begging me and started crying which sent everyone else into worry. Things calmed down a little and we started laughing a little bit. The night slowed down and everyone went to bed. I had to sleep on the floor with no blankets or pillows and it was horrible.

My whole trip was absorbed with one thing however. Spiderwasp, a spider and a wasp combined. I was hellbent on drawing one, it looked like shit. Then I thought I should draw it in paint on my computer, I called it Cyberwasp.

My good friend had a horrible trip and the kid that had ran out in the street was what ruined it for everyone. He was running around the house yelling "WHERE IS MY DAD I KNOW HE IS HERE I JUST HAVE TO FIND HIM" he was making everyone else very uneasy. Everyone in the house was swearing off drugs forever and it was just bad.

I learned that booming with big groups - at least in small spaces - can be a very bad idea.

After reading the other bad trips on here this is basically a walk in the park. This was a small taste of the power these can have on you and I hope to never experience anything worse than this. 

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