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dropping on e...

ok, this isn't a report about shrooms but it was cool all the same.

ok, this isn't a report about shrooms but it was cool all the same. people who write reports about other stuff tend to piss me off, but hey, when you've had a cool experience you want to share it with people who will appreciate it for what it is, and i think that the people that frequent this website will.

i'm a bit of a roller and i tend to e at least twice a month but i haven't really done many psychedelics or hallucinatory drugs. i've been hunting for shrooms twice now and even though we once found a heap of panaeolus amartila (fake shrooms! look like blue meanies!) i've never been lucky.

so i get a pill off one of my friends and she says that it's something new- called a time bomb- and that it's really trippy. i didn't know it at the time but it's a pretty strong pill with a tab of acid in the middle. you swallow it whole and the pill kicks in, then as it dissolves the acid does its work.

so here i am in the next town in a great club and i'm dancing my ass off because the music sounds so good and i've had a few shots of tequila and i can feel my body succumbing to the xtc. feels great and i dance for ages. i love pilling because you can just party the whole nite and still be coherant. i go to the bathroom once and i notice that my pupils are more dilated than usual which i dismiss, even though the pill isn't really that much better than the usual.

so i'm standing at the bar and my arm starts to feel a bit weird. i had started to rub my collarbone for no particular reason and i all of a sudden first think that someone else is stroking it, and then i think that i'm stroking someone elses collarbone. the focus of the trip was my arm for the rest of the nite at the club- i'd look down and it would look like worms were crawling under my skin. then for like, 20 seconds, my whole arm turned into a skeleton arm which was pretty fucking scary coz i never thought that i would trip out totally.

i was staying at my friend's house and i'm talking to her at the club and she doesn't do drugs at all and didn't know that i was going to do an e that nite. i figured that i would tell her if she noticed but she's pretty clueless and probably wouldn't have except here i am raving about my fucking skeleton arm. and also i had laughed for about five minutes about nothing- something that i have never done on e before.

and i get back to her house and she has like, this material thing over her curtains. we're having this serious talk and all of a sudden the thing starts to eat her curtains! no joke that was pretty trippy. also the curtains looked like they were moving to a strong breeze but all the windows were closed. she has a lot of fake flowers in her house and i swear the nite before i thought that they were all the most beautiful plants i had ever seen.

oh and she has this big white cat that sat on my lap for a while, and i swear i would think of things and the cat (well... actually my drug fucked brain) would answer them for me- but the odd thing was that they were the answers to thinkgs that i didn't know- like the direction my life was taking.

so anyway i stayed awake all nite and listened to her parents get ready in the morning with pupils the size of dinnerplates hoping that they wouldn't come in and check on me. my pupils were actually huge for the whole of the next day, and i took the pill at about 8 pm.

anyway hope to find some shrooms soon- if anyone is living in south east qld in australia, the gold coast in particular, and you know where i can get some, email me at reubent@hotmail.com... thanx!

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