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I: The Cabin On Shroom Island (first trip)

Secluded island, small group, great time!!!

This was my first time tripping about a year ago. Me and a group of about 5-6 people made our way out to Antelope Island in The Great Salt Lake. On the drive out there my nerves started taking over and I had no clue what to expect. It felt like Christmas Eve!!!

We arrived at the Island and it was dark, I can't remember the time. It was fall however so I couldn't imagine it was any later than 8. This was the best possible place we could have tripped. The long drive puts you out away from where anyone would find you. The girl in the groups family owns a cabin out on the island equipped with a gate so no one could ever find us. PERFECT!

I took a half eighth (I don't know how much that is in grams) along with some water. We built up a bonfire and all sat and smoked some pot. We just waited for the effects to hit us while munching on some snacks. Others were starting to feel it and I was getting a bit envious that I wasn't feeling yet. That is when I looked into the fire. I just stared into the flame and noticed a hologram effect. That is when I saw one stick. The end of it was a glowing orange, and I saw the eyes and snout of an alligator staring at me. No matter where I moved the eyes would follow me. Then it just hit me.

I began to walk around for no reason, balancing on the logs there for sitting and stumbling quite a bit. I even was trying to jump on to the back of one of my friends. We all were talking and having a good time.

Due to how long ago this happened sadly I can't remember the course of the night so I will just list off what I can remember.

- In the cabin there is two stories, the upper story having an open loft type feel. I want to climb up there instead of use the stairs so begin to climb on a solid cube, not knowing what it is. Once I fail in succeeding that task I fall on the ground and notice that it was a stove I was trying to climb on!
- My friend out of nowhere asks me if I am a virgin, I inform him that I am. We then have a short conversation about how earlier that day a girl was "transforming" his dick XD
- My friend tells me to watch him closely as he hits light speed. He starts to run and then turns into a blur that flies off into the distance with great speed.
- I am running along side my friend and look over at him. The way he is running makes the scene turn into an anime when people run, with just a blur of color for the background.
- I lose my shirt, but my friend graciously donates his to me.
- I climb a pole at chatter like a squirrel at the top of my lungs. This is where I receive my nickname "Baby Squirrel" the friend who let me use his shirt is "Papa Bear".
- We brought along some peaches but lost them in the excitement. I find them however and yell as loud as I can "I FOUND THE PEACHES" everyone cracks up laughing.
- I keep checking my phone throughout the night and am impressed every time I look because time is passing by at a snail's pace.
- A girl in the group is crying very loud and I can't help but feel very sad for her.
- We are in the cabin and do a drum circle, everyone just makes their own sound and hits various things like the table, metal chair, scratching the floor. It sounds incredible!
- I get the urge to fall down into the sand and do so, I look up at the sky and just lay there. I have a feeling of amazing bliss.. 
- Me and my friend are discussing running under a gap in the fire. The pros and the cons, it collapses before we get the chance which is probably a good thing.
- A lot of talking goes on, deep conversation and profound understanding for what everyone is saying.
- At one point I stop and listen. I hear every single person is talking at the same time and just laugh.
- I laugh some more and laugh all night.
- I look out the window and it is a full moon. The lighting and overall feeling makes me believe that I am actually on the moon and I start to walk around like I am.
- I lay in a room for a couple minutes just feeling the carpet and feeling so sneaky hiding from everybody.
- I eat some fruit flavored gum. Their is a firework of flavor in my mouth and as I chew my mouth completely disappears, leaving in it's place a floating mass of gum that is rapidly flying around where my mouth used to be. I can feel it's texture and the gum slowly getting softer as I chew.
- I go onto an outside balcony type thing and sit. I just listen to the far off waves and feel the air on my skin. I meditate in a way, but not really.
- This kid is wearing a trippy shirt with a green man with a turban looking thing on it. They all decide that it is me in 50 years. It looked nothing like me!

I am sure I am missing some things but I just can't seem to remember anything else. I will add things as I remember them.
We wrap up around 3-4am and make our way home. The drive is long and we get back home and just crash.

I couldn't have asked for a better first trip. There was no negative feelings whatsoever and still to this day is my favorite time tripping on ANYTHING. The best feelings I've had and just great times.

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