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Good ole memories!

Thanks to all people

Hello all. This is Nam and this is my second report.

Last year I've written a trip report level 3 on watching StarWars and trippin hard in theatre. This time however, I will write another trip I had a while back and was a second trip.

I don't exactly remember who's shroom it was but it was around night time (10:30pm) when two of good friends, Mike & Brandon got the shroom and me and another friend Martin decided to all take it and see what happens. One friend suggested making a tea and the other a tasty soup and I said, I'm not gonna bake or drink, I like it pure and just let me know when you three are ready!" so they did whatever and me and Mike ate it pure and Martin & Brandon made tea. The taste was really good and ate handfull. I really liked it anyhow. now we're just chillin watching T.V and things started to brighten and chill from my neck and unerry feeling on the back started to happen after about 25 mins. "Hey man I'm starting to trip!" and they all replied they were also beginning to feel a bit uneasy. So I said I have a joint rolled, lets go blaze~" and so we did and we all felt a bit lighter and relaxed. When around 12am, I put on a movie called "Shadow of the vampire" and we all watched in awe. "It was like watching a movie 4D." and then around 2 am, I said I gotta go home now.and Me & Martin decided to head back home a bit faraway in Surrey. and Mike was like "Hey man you still high, you sure you can drive? Stay man." but I insisted on going home and I was good to drive. So we got in the car and started to drive. it was good and took the highway. However, right when we entered into highway, things started to change. I started to hear sounds so clearly and vision started to play tricks such as the roads kinda disappeared as I went fast and I even heard Martin's thoughts as he was sitting on a backseat. All this happened very slowly and perfectly naturally. It was really weird. At one point, from the back this truck passed me at 130 miles and I moved just in time it was crazy and I had to pull upto the side of the road and stop for few mins before I can drive again. However we both got home ok and rested a bit until a friend called us and said "lets go camping right now!" It was Brandon and we decided to leave in few hours. So we packed more shrooms and invited Alex and Scott to go to Golden Ears Forest. We went on a wrong camping trail and ended up at same place on a near top of the mountain where there's clear stream and cool island to cross and we set our tent there and started to cook and eat. around afternoon, we sparked up constantly and other buddies started to drink some captain morgan and I just consumed shroom. LOL around 11pm, I was hearing animal sounds wolves and at 2am I started to hear far away crazy animals roaring and fighting each other hunting and it was really freaky so I just stayed by the fire and talked to Mike as he was also tripping! haha. Up all night and sharing cool life stories, in the morning everyone woke up and I just kept on eating shrooms and finished last bit of it right then. when we were packing and ready to leave, I was constantly in a mystic mood and enjoying the beauty of the forest.
We all got back home safe and passed out for like 20 hours.

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