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First Time Shrooming On Penis Envy Shrooms.

Movies, Masks, and Mario Kart

It was spring break and excitement was in the air, my friends (who will go by the names of Paul and John) and I
had decided that we would all try some shrooms together for the first time. By the luck of the gods, Paul's
parents had left on Vacation for a few days meaning he had the house to himself, it was the perfect place to try em.
 I called up my buddy Will so that he could babysit us and with an offer of bud and alcohol he couldnt refuse.

    The Day came to shroom and I had about $50 dollars worth of bud, some rum and dutches. We put some money together
 and got about 2.2 grams (dry) of Penis Envy Mushrooms each,it was time! We sat down in his backyard patio and ripped my bong, we were smoking some fire ass purp and Sour Diesel and got really high (I mean REALLY FUCKING HIGH). Then came the shrooms, me and john chewed
on em for a while and chased em with some orange juice, and paul who didnt like the flavor decided to make what
he christened the"Psychedelic Sandwich" with shrooms in the middle. We decided we would like to try and watch a funny
movie to avoid any chance of a bad trip so we put on "The Hangover". The movie started as normal and was pretty hilarious
in our stoned state of mind but 45 min. in we started to giggle for no reason, we were all laughing in the strangest way;
it was a crazy seemingly uncontrollable laughter. 30 mins after the giggles the hangover was no longer the hangover. We all
stared into the screen and noticed that for some reason the movie looked red and blue as if it was meant to be in 3D
and the words coming out of the characters mouths made no sense, this sudden confusion caused us to all simalteanously decide
to get up and turn off the movie. We turned out all the lights, turned on the ozric tentacles and sat in the darkness what
happened next was a complete surprise. I told them all to close their eyes and imagine, this is were the trippiness began
with my eyes closed it almost seemed like I was looking into a kaledoscope of colors, and then came the idea of Rainbow
road from mario kaet, the surprise of seeing the road in such clarity caused me to scream "RAINBOW ROAD!" at the top of
 my lungs.Every one else began to see the same thing when I opened my eyes, Will was asleep on the couch and John and Paul
sat there smiling, hands gripped on an invisible steering wheel, screaming their actions. Paul suddenly screamed "ALEX IM SHOOTING
A RED TURTLE SHELL AT YOU!" Out of fear i began to "turn" my steering wheel away not even noticing the ridiculousness of
the situation. It all seemed so real, John then freaked out he yelled that he had crashed and began panicing, I told him
he was safe and he calmed down. After what seemed like an hour of playing Mario Kart in our minds, John and paul got up to check the time in the kitchen.
It had only been 10 min. we all freaked out not being able to comprehend the fact that it had been such a small
amount of time.

    As Paul and John walked into the kitchen i began to fall off the couch and then I started tripping balls, as I
lay on the floor I looked at the African masks Paul had scattered around his walls I stared at them and then Johns zune
changed to Pink Floyd, staring at the masks they began to look at me and sing, the biggest mask took the lead and the
smaller ones seemed to be his background singers. Their mouths were moving to the words they sang and the walls seemed to morph
and shake. The lead singers headress became vibrant and flowing, moving to the beat a rainbow of colors exploded as it expanded
. I looked closer and the biggest mask was growing a body out of the wall, it was so funny to me that I was completely overtaken by laughter as the masks body grew biggerits eyes glowed red and followed me while I rolled laughing on the floor, then I heard noises from the kitchen, as I turned to look Paul and John were attempting to cook Cheesesticks in the oven, but they couldbt understand how to work an oven,
John got his phone and called up our friend Carlos and put him on speaker so he could guide him in the use of the oven.
Every word he said sounded extremley vague even though they were very direct once he figured it out, i crawled to the kitchen
and watched my friends rotwiler mastiff as the oven cooked the food. Watching his dog I felt I could hear his thoughts,
as I kept staring his dog began to look demnonic, its eyes turned red and it got bigger, its smile full of teeth and menacing
I grabbed my friend and told him to look at his dog because it was turning evil, he looked and eventually he began to see the same out
fear we all ran into the bathroom to hide. In the bathroom we all sat down and look at our selves in the mirror, our pupils were
the biggest I had ever seen and we had black rings around the colored part of our eyes. I stared into the mirror and could
see every pore on my face. As we sat the room started moving we all held on to something and started yelling screams of
joy, it was like we were riding a rollercoaster and the walls started morphing and caving in and out. It started feeling really hot
and we all decided to go outside. We walked outside and the world was bright and amazing, the world's never looked so
beautiful. Outside I felt the urge to touch everything for 30 min I sat outside touching the palm trees talking
about how amazing they felt. I took out a Vanilla Black & Mild, lit it up and smoked it; I was instantly calmed by it, it felt like
a cool rush came on me and I was very happy and calmed. After a few hours outside we went inside and ate the cheesesticks, when
will walked to the bathroom i told John that the cheesesticks were called "Richard" he was confused but then accepted it as factual
information, he began to say look "im eating richard!", he kept repeating himself saying Richard was delicious, when my
friend Paul noticed what I did he was crying laughing, I looked at John and said " You really like dick, then?" and he understood
what I had done and sat there angry at himself for falling for it, it was hilarious. As we came down we vowed to experience this again.
    It was an amazing experience and will come to be one of many, I am currently going to continue my expedition
into the realm of the psychedelic and of course I will continue to smoke fire ass weed! ;D

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