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Mild Shroom Dust

kinda freaky, but interesting

 So one night me and my friends B, R, and, M decided to have a little fun at B's house. M's dad had came back from Italy recently, and he had brought back this good ass weed. So like crazy teens that we were took some of it and decided to smoke it. Soo it was like 9 at night when we all finally got together to start our little shin-dig. I had gotten there a little later because I had to babysit. They had already hit the bong once, and M said that there had been some shroom dust mixed in with the weed. Unfortunately, they had told me that after I had taken 2 rips. (At the time, i was pretty scared to do anything other than weed.)  At first I was kinda mad that he didnt tell me, but oh well; time for a new experience. :)

It was about 30 minutes later when i got that nice chronic buzz, then all of a sudden something else hit me. . . like for 5 seconds i got hella confused. R and myself looked at each other and just stared, like I knew what she was thinking or something. After a minute of that I looked away and the deer head on B's wall really caught my attention for some reason. I thought it was so damn adorable, and i wanted to pet it so bad ! I got up and walked to it, but it was like i was walking in slow motion. I stuck my hand out to graze the left side of its head, and all of a sudden time sped up and the deer head snapped at my hand like it was going to bite me. Okay, so that kinda shocked me. . .  I bounced back so damn quick then i instantly started geekin. I kept on saying, "holy shit did you just see that ?!" for like 4 or 5 times . M, B, and R think the whole situation is hilarious. and B says, "yeah, hes not very comfortable with strangers." We all leave his garage to go chill in the hot tub. 

Now  i really dont remember the transition from the garage to the house, but somehow we all end up in the living room with the tv on. Im sitting by R, So were chillen in the room , and this whole time im in there, i feel like im being watched. I zone out and I see 3 Shadows shining out through the kitchen. Its a blur or 3 army men, and that definitely freaked me out a little.  "Dude, we gotta go in your room cuz the deer and army men are coming to get us !" I go in B's room and i get in his bed, and sit in the back corner, and i DONT leave. I actually refused too. He realized there was no way in hell i was gonna leave so we just relaxed in his bed. (Let me note that his room is fucking awesome! Black lights with all those cool ass trippy posters) Just laying there, we got in this very deep conversation about life and the mind. As i was listening i looked up to the corner of the wall/ceiling and i noticed the paint was slowly dripping down, but at a certain point it would just blend in with the rest of the wall. I felt my eyes get reaaallll heavy and i closed my eyes which felt like for a second. Right after that i remember waking up with B right next to me. We all went out in the backyard and each had a bowl pack (of the regular bud R had brought).

Even though that wasnt a serious shroom trip, i was really fascinated with the feeling of the unknown reality . I am actually going to partake in real shrooming this upcoming week  with my bestfriend A. We have already planned to have a sober friend with us  and be in a comfortable enviorment since it is our first time legitally doing shrooms. Im kinda nervous (in a good way), but extremely excited to see what crazy shit & adventures we will get into!  Thanks for taking your time in reading my first post. :)

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