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All extremes

life changing

I decided I wanted to try a bit higher dose, so I saved up some mooshies, thinking I only had about 3 or 4 grams, well I was wrong... I chewed them all up with some OJ, about ten minutes later I started feeling good in my chest, 30 minutes later everything was breathing and pulsating, specially doors. I was having the best time of my life and laughing at everything, and also experiencing all sorts of crazy open and closed eye visuals and felt amazing, by this point I noticed that time was going by extremely slow, and I loved it, knowing I was going to have a long, nice trip. I also noticed it was hard to stay upright so decided to go listen to some music on my bed, I discovered incredible new things and noises from what I previously thought of the same old songs. I turned out the light and here is were a completely different world came alive with rapid changing colors and complex figures, almost like some complex architecture, I was in true euphoria.
About two hours after ingestion, I in a way blacked out, or thats what it seemed like, as if the world and my body disappeared only leaving my mind in the universe. Childhood dreams and memories that I barely remembered starting flashing through my mind and started looking for an explanation to our existence, to the universe, to find an end to the seemingly infinite universe and to figure out why my life, which just seemed like some crazy unexplainable dream I had had, happened the way it had. I felt like I was stuck there for days, in endless loops of questions and theories followed by more questions. I started to sense something bad approaching, really bad, the next thing I know, my room and body start to morph back together, once everything was back, I felt like I was trapped in my own personal hell, trapped in an endless maze, my room and body are back but my mind was trying to figure out why, it was the most uncomfortable minutes of my life, every second felt like ten minutes. Finally after what seemed like days of misery, I found my self starting to calm, and reality started setting in.
I had intense morphing and breathing from that point but I was back and completely shocked about what I had been through, yet I feel like I understand my life and the universe better.
I later realized I must have taken way more than I intended, but in no way do I regret this trip, I feel like I've been to heaven and hell only to land back in a previously under-estimated soberness.
It was truly life changing.

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