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Is this a dream?

My cousin and I had been dreaming of shrooms for months.

My cousin and I had been dreaming of shrooms for months. In fact, we first decided we'd try them some time in September of last year, and only had the chance at the start of July. In any event, the following description is the best I can do, an experienced user will tell you that such things aren't easily related.
I don't know how much I had, but I do know that it was double what my cousin did, being that he decided to take some the previous night. In either event, it was around 10:00 on a sunny day, and we chewed up the little suckers and sat at the local park bleachers waiting for the fun to begin. By reading this site, I knew what I was supposed to find, but was still unsure of how everything would pan out. What I did find was a feeling like I was slightly drunk. Then things like the grass, the trees, etc. became more and more interesting. Then the weirdness began...
As I talked to my cousin, I noticed I was having more and more difficulty understanding what he was saying. I knew he was saying words, and these words made sense alone and in small clumps. But when I would string them together in my head, I was clueless. Not to mention that his body was becoming more and more elongated and curved, as if he were made out of taffy and was being stretched out. The radio we had was making me feel really uncomfortable, because the music seemed thick and chunky, somewhat abrasive. I wanted to shut it off, but he was enjoying it. When I would look down, the grass seemed so thick and lush, as if it were some sort of woven area rug or something. We then decided that we should take a walk into the small woods area together to better experience the shrooms.
The distance we walked was totally warped, there were moments that I felt like we weren't moving, and there were moments that felt as if I was shot forward somehow. I kept chuckling to myself at the absurdity of the situation, how totally apart I was from myself. We picked a rock to sit at, but my cousin was busy whacking a small shrub with a stick, talking some incoherent nonsense about a video game from our youth. My trip was intensifying. I felt like I was experiencing a book in which the pages were being flipped too quickly and I couldn't grasp what was going on. It didn't look that way, it just seemed to be so. This of course confused the hell out of me, but whatever.
I began getting lost in tracks of thought. I would have an idea or something, and it would just develop and develop into what I would call a strong daydream, until finally I would snap back into reality. This kept on happening over and over again for what could have been forever, but I don't know. I remember talking to my dad, getting a drink of water, and other such events that weren't happening. They were like commercials from reality. At the same time, I kept trying to figure out how high my cousin was in relation to myself. I became increasingly nervous because I thought he was going insane, although it was really me losing my marbles. I'd ask him what level trip he was having (based on the levels described in this site) and he was like, "two, maybe three." I felt like I was totally warped, but looking back I can only give this report a three. If it doesn't seem like a three two you, dear reader, chances are I didn't do a good enough job describing this. My apologies.
There were other quirky mishaps in my misguided first trip, but I think this dang report is long enough. Shrooms are definitely something I would do again, only because I can't help but wonder how much more reality could be twisted. Happy shrooming.

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