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a beautiful trip

my second time tripping was unbelievable.

my second time tripping was unbelievable. it was the perfect set up. my sister, her roommate, and one other guy. we ate them in mid afternoon and while i was trying to play dr. mario(not being good at video games to begin with) i noticed the screen was kind of moving around. after that i realized i had started the trip.
at first we all sat in my sister's living room on couches and let the feeling soak into our bodies. that feeling is great. i got butterflies in my stomach and started to watch the ceiling as it started to morph.
after a while of relaxing i put in the mars volta album titled "frances the mute" and we went into another world. i think that is one of my favorite albums to listen to while i am tripping. it's so intense and on one track entitled "miranda that ghost just isnt holy anymore" , flea from rhcp plays trumpet and it sounds amazing. i felt like it lifted my whole body into the air.
while i listened to the rest of the album i did a couple drawings that turned out pretty cool(hopefully will be posted on site soon). me and my sister totally had this bonding experience and talked about how much we loved our parents. then we all got into a deep discussion about how one of the drawings i did represented my sister and i. it was really interesting.
after a while when we started to come down i went back to my dorm and chilled out for a while. i drank a couple beers and felt completely relaxed. after a while they called me up and we went to cory's place(the other guy). we ate some california rolls which tasted amazing. we were all really relaxed after just coming down from the trip.
that was a great experience. you definitely think a lot about your life when you trip. its so euphoric and you feel as though you have reached the highest level of nirvana. i will never forget that experience.

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