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The patterns, the patterns, the PATTERNS!!

My first trip on 1.85g's of some dank shrooms

This is an account of my first shroom trip, off of 1.8g’s of some high quality shrooms, and my memory is a bit foggy. But I’ll do my best


I read up hardcore on them; what the visuals were like, what the high was like, what the mindstate was like, and was absolutely amazed at how incorrect my preconceived notions were about them. I learned what things made trips more likely to go awry, what things made them good, etc. So I set out to get some, the first batch I got was weak and I’m guessing short despite not weighing them (I knew they were under a dime). I was disappointed but it was all good a month later when my friend, K, texted me saying our dealer got some dank shrooms, I go and pick some up.

So I head over to K’s house. I brought a bag with a change of clothes in case mine became uncomfortable and some cool trip toys, I turned off my phone because I had read that it had some negative potential. I was just planning on tripping with my two close friends, K and M. But when I got there, there sat 5 people. Two I didn’t know at all, and one I knew from school but not too well. This made me kind of anxious and angry because I had tried to make the setting perfect for a first trip but I thought it’s ok I’ll be fine. I was mostly right.


So I take the shrooms, perfectly weighed out to 1.85 and just chill. The three people I didn’t know, J, T and B were in the room and we were doin small talk but nothing special. K, J and T took 2.5, I took 1.85 (it was my first time and didn’t want to over do it), and M took 2. B didn’t take any at all. We start smoking bongs and it’s pretty chill so far, after about 20 mins I start feeling them slightly, everythings a bit….. brighter and more prominent, and walking is strange and wavy. This is when me, M, K and T go outside to check out nature and find a place to smoke a bowl.


We go to the back of K’s yard, in a little line of trees separating his house and the house behind him, there’s a huge fluffy ass dog fenced in the yard diagonally behind his house and we had to pass right by it to enter the treeline. Well we’re sitting in there with the bowl and the shrooms are starting to hit pretty hard, the laughing fits take over. The crew started to look like animals, like K has long wavy dirty blond hair and he looked like a lion, T has big lips and eyes and looked like a fish, M just looked like M lol. Everyone was laughing pretty hysterically at just random stuff, we realize our lighter doesn’t work and K only has matches but it’s really windy so they wouldn’t work. So he sticks the starting end of like 3 into the bowl of bud to make a little teepee, he’s like “this should keep it burning” at this me and the crew roared with laughter and everytime we looked at it we resumed laughing. Of course we didn’t actually smoke it.


We decide to head back and I look down the line of trees towards the way we entered, and at the end of the pathway I see the dog just sitting there staring at us, omg I was like “holy shit how are we supposed to get by that beaaast” and we’re laughing uneasily. We slowly walk towards it and it just gets bigger and bigger and more outrageous looking, it would jump up and down and bark at us with a loooow pitched explosion of a sound. It’s long hair would flap around everytime it jumped and it looked just amazing on shrooms. Animals really are something while shrooming.


We exit the trees, and the beauty of the world just overcomes me, it’s a windy slightly cloudy yet sunny day, and everyyyything is moving and I can almost focus on it all simultaneously, it’s hard to explain. We’re all still giggling endlessly as we walk towards K’s house. I’m just looking around with my jaw on the floor admiring the amazingness of all that I was experiencing. We get to K’s house and meet up with the non-tripper, B and the other chick, J. We sit on K’s porch and smoke cigs and that bowl we were unable to earlier. They’re still coming up and I’m starting feel the come-up anxiety but had read plenty about it so I didn’t let it take over.


It’s pretty awkward with the other two there and the atmosphere is much inferior now. My face was sore from laughing and I felt like I was making weird faces the whole time, not to mention we just smoked a bowl. B has facial peircings and is dressed emo-ish (normally I’m not one to judge) and a low creepy voice (she’s a girl so it was weird), she brought me down a bit and made me sympathetic towards the possible problems she is experiencing in her life. This is when it could have went bad, K’s mom comes up (who’s alright with us smoking there) and says “everyone saw you guys go to the treeline, everyone knows what you’re doing and they are threatening to call the cops.” Holy shit that was scary, K argues with his mom a bit and we wait until she leaves, we all hop out of our seats and start pacing frantically. J, B and T decide they are leaving to go to J’s house, I’m torn because I don’t want to be here, but I don’t want to be with J, B and T because I didn’t know them at all.


K and M convince me to stay and I do. I’m keeping my cool for the most part but it was hard when thinking of cops being called on me, I say “how do they know we are on shrooms wtf this is ridiculous” and they look at me and laugh, K says “they don’t think we are on shrooms dude, they think we’re smoking weed” LOOOOOOL that shook me to say the least, my entire mind cleared for some reason and I just laughed at the poor people making the threats. I just couldn’t, in my shroomed mind, fathom people like that. I just imagined angry, old, closed-minded people peaking out their windows at people having a great time and getting pissed. My mood was almost instantaneously lightened and I knew that this trip was going to be a good one despite still having some slight come-up anxiety. We go up with K’s room again, I get the comfy computer chair (which was super awesome) and we turn down the lights, turn on winamp visualizer and play some music.


This felt like the part of a roller coaster, the part where you just reach the top of the hill and are about to go down. I was hitting my peak and it was insane, the visualizer was very cool looking and the colors and graphics just looked unbelievable. The music was pretty great too and felt like it was coming from all directions, just evenly from all parts of the universe, but I was too f’d up to really concentrate on the music. K kept saying “how amazing is this, we’re just, here.” And it was very insightful at the time and M and I felt the same way. But he kept saying it and it was starting to put me in a loop so I said “dude stop you’re putting me in a loop haha” as kindly as I could and he’s like “o sorry” and we laugh it off.


We decide to head outside to his frontyard on his doorstep and smoke some cigs, I look out the window as we’re commuting and everything is more brilliant than ever before. I notice patterns everywhere, and the words “the patterns” echoed throughout my mind as I had read them on a lot of reports but had never really understood. The patterns were like <><><> but interweaving with little dots inside. I realized this is what some people described as “eyes” when tripping and they really did look like eyes. The words “the patterns” continued to echo through my mind as the trip went on and I saw more patterns.


As I walk through a hallway to the front door the image of me walking through this exact hallway earlier while tripping flashes through my mind, and the familiar words “the patterns” disperse. Such a feeling of dejavu was very strange and also reminded me of things I had read on trip reports, along with my lungs feeling nonfunctional and me feeling like I had to force myself to breath.  I started to notice “the patterns” of things I had read and was now experiencing and started making patterns of patterns!!! it absolutely blew my mind. As I exit the house and meet up with K and M the magnifence of the world REALLY revealed itself to me. I was seeing shapes and patterns in K’s lionhair lol, in the trees, sky, walls. Everything was morphing and waving and the contrast of everything in general was almost overwhelming. I looked over and saw my little gray elentra parked under an overhanging tree, and it seemed like a symbiotic relationship, like they were meant to be together, and I felt good that my car can have a friend as I do.


Cigarettes are beautiful things on shrooms, the smoke in the lungs feels almost refreshing, the smoke exiting my mouth swirls around in a glorious cosmic spiral, and the buzz lifts my mood more than it already was (which was surprising in itself). M hands me a starburst and says “eat it” I look at it, somewhat confused, and toss it into my mouth. The sensation is weird and I just sit and chew on it, this continued for about 2 minutes when I said “what am I supposed to do with it” and spat it out, I couldn’t fathom swallowing it at the time for whatever reason, everyone laughed. Laughter is still hard to avoid but the visuals are weakening ever so slightly, another feeling is taking over. A feeling of accomplishment, of peace. All my typical mental “shortcomings” at the time (slight social anxiety, ocd tendencies) were alleviated and I felt like I would remain in this enlightened state forever. We got in the car because we were going to head to J’s(the chick who left) apartment. K plays some happy indie music in the car and I am in absolute heaven, the actual physical music was enhanced in a way, but not to the extent of marijuana. It was the words, tone of voice, uplifting melody, etc that were really amazing me, I have never experienced music in such a fascinating way before. K was driving rather carelessly, making rolling stops and speeding, I was like “come on dude we’re tripping be a bit more careful” I don’t think he cared and I really stopped caring about it also.


With the music going and me and my 2 good friends hanging, trippin on shrooms, I felt such a happiness it’s almost impossible to describe. I was almost crying I was soo happy, the only analogy I can come up with is the feeling you get when you have a child lol (I wouldn’t know but I can guess). A tremendous feeling of accomplishment and sense of pride for having brought such a light into my world. This is the state of enlightenment that everyone talks about, I finally understood it.


The rest of the trip is pretty much me just coming down and being content and in this state I was previously describing. J had a little kitten that was just the cutest, most pleasant thing I had every seen, and I played with it and it just looked up at me with it’s big eyes and all was right. We ended up watching salt lake city and smoking mad bowls. We laughed at things in that movie which, I don’t think, were meant to be humorous, but hot damn they were.


Well that’s my report, I didn’t expect it to be so damn long it’s just when I began describing it in depth the memories started flooding in, and it’s very hard for me to pick and choose which things were the most glorious. I feel I understand shrooms more now and feel I am ready to dive into a full 1/8th trip with some friends at a cabin in the next month or so. Hopefully it goes as beautifully as this one.

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