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legendary libertycap semilanceata

1st drip total disrespect for psily

1993 it was,i was only 14 but had tried lsd around 10 times and the same for ecstacy so thought i knew it all. my friends older brother gave me over 200 dry libertycaps which were meant to be between a few of us ( 80 libertycaps would be around the same effect as 2g of dry hawaiin copelandia or 6-7g of the best cubes and every bit as visual ] so there i was one morning sitting on the toilet counting out 200 libs and ate them all,total disrespect for a beautiful and powerful strain,i was on the schoolbus within 20 minutes and because the shrooms were the only thing in my stomach they kicked in pretty fast,within 5 minutes of the 1st tickle i can remember holding very tightly onto the rail because from the corner of my eye peoples heads were doing rapid 360s and there was loads of horrible bone breaking sound,the bus was like being in a pressure cooker,people started asking was i ok i was able to pass myself as still flying on e from the night before,around 10 minutes later the bus stopped at school and when i got off i felt a bit more relaxed in the open air until my friend started to speak with a thin black forked tongue,scales on his face and amphibian eyes i started freaking,i should have completely avoided the school gates and found sanctury but for some reason made my way into the yard were i came across the single most vivid and scary hallucination i have seen in my life on any dose of any strain- it was like a medievil public execution,there was a guy on a cross that must havebeen 30 ft high and he was seriously on fire with people swarming around the cross,it seemed around,say,40 metres infront of me and i just said to myself- enough, i ran over the soccer fields up to the back fence which was around 15ft tall,it was lightly raining and i remember sliding down the bars everytime i got up a bit but sheer determination and desperation got me up and over,when i slid down the other side it was into around 4 inches of muck but i didnt care it was just now me and a 4 mile walk through fields and mountains of freedom to get back to belfast and really started to enjoy it then. even at that age i remember that day constantly comparing the effct to lsd and realising lsd was 1 dimensional in comparison,i had some seriosly vivid hallucinations on my journey,in a shady part of the forest i could see a little wizard with his hood up and a little orb in his hand and all the trees moved into a uniform line,jaw dropping to say the least,totally amazing day with a serious dose of one of the most visual strains at a young age.anyway by the time i got home the main effect had worn off buti was still getting good visuals, i waited around for a while so i would arrive home at normal time to raise no suspicion so was surprised when i got to my room and my father was standing there with the curtain pulled in daylight with 1 of my rave tracks playing!!! i thought WTF??? then he started talking all weird shit and while he was doing so i had to pretend to be oblivious to the shape of a knight in armour holding a sword that kept stepping forward through the curtain behind him!! his mumbling turned into a drug lecture then a shroom lecture,i remember saying i would never take shrooms,he stared hard then produced 2 or 3 libertycaps,he said 'so do these grow around our toilet?' lol i had dropped them counting them that morning! after a brief telling off he was pretty cool abourt it either cos he had maybe done them in his time or was just relieved i chose this as my high instead of the gluesniffing craze that was around then,a mental day also enlightening and enchanting,now been taking psily a few times every year for half my life,were does it end?what age do i have to be when it becomes unenjoyable,to me its a Godsend...

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