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taste of insanity.

I started smoking some good weed a couple hours before eating the mushrooms.

I started smoking some good weed a couple hours before eating the mushrooms. My friends came over and within a few minutes, those of us that were to trip, ate our doses. Scott took about 3 grams, Willy took about 2, and I took maybe 4.5 grams. At first there were two others, Rachel, and Breana, who were not tripping, but Breana was drinking and smoking with us.
I had been planning the night for a while and saw in my head beforehand how I wanted it to be. Well, that doesn't always work out. Scott and Rachel are going out, and can also be quite...uncaring? Unaware? Just rude?, and so they decided to make out in a rather private way which made me feel quite angry and nauseous. By this time I was starting to trip pretty hard, and I was getting increasingly upset when I saw that Scott, who has been quite irritable and defensive lately, was prolly gonna sit with Rachel for the 2 or so hours that Rachel would be with us. I was picking lots of vibes that you can get with mushrooms, from Scott and Rachel, and they were pretty negative and as usual from them, critical and pessimistic. I wanted an intimate, fun, experimenal night( to me , mushrooms are a mind drug, and therefore I love to analyze the experience), and I was sure that scott and Rachel were gonna ruin it for me, and that I would not be able to get outta the bubble of frustration and anger I was caught up in. I didn't realize how much your emotions can change and intensify from mushrooms. You have to be sure of the set, setting, and people you are with. Anyway, I tried to ignore them, thinking, " no big deal, if I was drunk, I prolly wouldn't care", but then I would think, " fuck this, I shouldn't have to put up with this shit.". Anyway, They went on to poke fun at my house, I dunno,it's too organized or something, and I'm pretty sure they were talking to each other how I was being a dork for how I wanted to experience the trip, instead of having a dumbass punk attitude about it. Anyway, enough of that.
Rachel goes home(awwww...) and Jeanie comes over. Much better vibes from her, even though I am sure she was thinking that we were on crack. At one point, Willy looked at me, and said" I'm insane". I said" yeah. So am I!" I knew I wasn't, but hell, I might as well been. I could just tell my brain was definately functioning in an alternate fashion. My mind would feel stunned and boggled over stupid things, or for no particular reason at all, Which was entertaining, even though at points I would have liked to have mellowed out a bit. Last time I tripped, I was kinda dissapointed by the lack of hallucinations and overall visual alteration. I smoked a good amount of weed this time, and that helped a lot with the visuals and all that stuff. I was even experiencing funky echoes and other audio anomalies. After the nice long peak( It seemed long anyway ), I started to slowly come down back to reality, more able to be coherently social,which was now desirable, due to the fact that I haven't seen Jeanie, my best friend's ex, for a few monthes. we got comfortable and had a few beers(after the trip had started to fade mind you), until we all crashed.
Things I learned: -You can't always expect everyone to play by your plans
- The mood you are in before the trip, and during the trip, really does have an affect on how your emotions will build. No wonder I have heard people say " We USED to be friends , until we tripped together."
-I need a break from certain friends, and need to re-think their importance and value to me, as friends. I realize that the mushrooms an effect on how we got along, but still, the problems didn't just stem from how we were feeling.
-You should be careful who you trip with and make sure they will be compatible with you while you are tripping.
Next time I trip, I think it should be with two friends who are in the same mindset with me, free of non-trippers.
Next time I trip, it's gonna be with two friends with

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