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Life is what you make it

1.25 g tea

Background: First and foremost I have little experience with psychedelics they always interested me when my brother and his friends did an eighth. I couldn't even imagine the state they were in, at first when I was watching them I was almost scared of the shrooms. I actually had some psychological disarray  from watching them.

Drugs: I have done Cannabis, DEX ( in small quantities), and alcohol.

Trip Report: I had picked up what i thought was 1.25 g's of potent shrooms. I decided to make a tea, because it was a small amount. Once i made the tea I began to drink it and typing to friends over a game telling them to wish me luck on my adventure i was about to witness. I went to take a shower after i ingested the tea and felt that strange feeling you get in your head when the shrooms are reacting with your neurotransmitters. I got out of the shower and went to put on my clothes, at this time everything was bright, so I went to go on the computer to play some games. This is where the trip begins, I got to my computer and the whole screen had black lines running through the whole screen I freaked out, and ran back into my room. I wasn't expecting anything like that, and was wondering what was happening. I decided I needed to calm down, and I was quite cold which was bugging me a lot, so I decided to hop back into the shower to warm up. I got in the shower after taking what seemed like 5 mins to get off my clothes. When i hoped in I was cold as can be and turned it on to a warm temp. I was having some stomach trouble and it was really bugging me, so I sat down in my shower and looked up and saw the most amazing designs on the shower walls. The designs were of these alien like creatures and some amazing colors of bright green and orange that was all along my shower. I quickly panicked and got out of my shower to become very cold again, so I went back into my shower. This happened about 4 times, just getting out and going back into my shower. I stopped it finally realizing that I was stuck in a loop and went to my room to get dressed. I went to put on my pants, but I realized that they weren't my pants, I remember reading another trip report that said their clothes didnt look like theirs, so I knew they were mine but something seemed wrong about them.

Time was very strange at this point I didn't really care about it, just trying not to panic at the hallucinations i was having. The most vivid ones were when i closed my eyes, they were the most amazing lines and shapes. It was like a spiral of black and white lines just moving in circles, and when I really looked into them they would form holes that I could venture into. When i ventured into the holes I would be into almost the land scape of my mind, there would be almost like building that were white and black moving just like the circle did. I went out side to see the flowers, I saw my cat and he came right up on my lap and snuggled with me. The cat was now with me and I could feel all the energy radiate from him. I closed my eyes trying to take a nap with him snuggled up in my jacket. When I closed my eyes I saw the circle shape, but then It changed into this design of a lady getting water our of a river, the river flowed down and other animals were all around the river. I realized that water is the source of all life, and without it we would be nothing. I quickly hopped up and went to get water as If i didn't I would not be part of this life. I went back out side to look at the flowers, they were the most intense colors and most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. I looked into the sky and a thought came straight to me, that this world is much bigger then we interpret, this might sound almost a weak thought, but the feeling my mind provided was telling me there is something more then just saying it. I then felt sick and vomited out all the water I drank, I drank a lot supposedly. This felt incredibly good and I shouted out wow that was crazy, after that I felt so at peace with the world. I went inside and found a spoon in the sink and had a quick battle with the faucet. I had so much fun with it. I then went to take a piss and went back to the computer, then I went to look out side and saw my friend who was supposed to come over. I went out side fast and we went down to the park. I realized that without friends what would we be worth? We got to the park and I was just running around, all the land was curved and felt like I was running across this amazing earth.

I got home after that and listened to music which was very nice. I felt so good to be in this world and that it was all on me to make life what it is. I know that is just words, but all what life is, is really what you want to make it. You can be happy or you can be sad, but nothing is stopping you from becoming happy again. As soon as I thought of that I had the most horrible feeling in me that I am not putting my time to good use and I am worth nothing If I just sit here all my life and not venture around this huge world. I've never felt depressed in my life, but at that moment I felt like a piece of shit just like the shrooms had made me realize that I really may be wrong on all of my conclusion to this life.

Conclusion: Some things the shrooms did for me, was allow me to realize the true beauty of this earth. I can never look at flowers the same they just amaze me of their beuty and their colors which are so much more vivid then the normal eye sees them as. The shrooms made me realize a couple of others things also such as how big this world is, and how we all misinterpret the power of the earth. The last was how I feel about my self and my thoughts, which could all be wrong I already knew that, but the shrooms made that thought much more potent.
Thank you for reading this trip report which may not be unique to its self at all, but I think It might help out someone who decides to do a smaller amount of shrooms.

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