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DMT Experience

Out in nature

To try to begin to explain this experience, i will start by explaining how this was planned. So im chilling with a friend who has informed me on how he acquired several points. He showed me the powder which was inside a capsule, then shortly after got one hit out of a bowl we packed which was topped off with some dmt. It wasn't until an hour or so later that i really got the intense feeling of it, but that im getting to. so me and my friend who i was with decided to smoke a cigarette, another bowl, and just hangout for a minute. so about 10 to 15 min go by and i get a call from a friend asking if we wanted to go to a local creek which had a decent amount of trails to hike. we talk for a minute about it and make up our minds to go for a while. shortly thereafter, we arrive at this already enchanting place, hike a couple miles back to the creek, cross the creek using an old tree that had fallen down and we all find a comfortable spot to chill at while still in view of the creek. In my mind im trying to prepare myself for an experience that i could never imagine, but non the less never forget. Bowls packed, dmt atop the bud, and nothing but me and a trip of overwhelming proportions awaits. The rock we just so happened to be sitting on was slanted at such an angle you had to exert some kind of opposing physical force to keep yourself from sliding down it and into the creek. Because of that i scooted up the rock some where it had leveled out enough, then continued with the task at hand. Woosh! the effects of taking the first few hits hit you like if you were to be shot out of a cannon. In comparison to an acid trip which would seem like a bottle rocket or roman candle, this was like nothing else. It was truly an enlightening moment for myself. Regardless of the length of the initial trip or the amount smoked, it wasn't what i was expecting at all. I vividly recall the feeling that began and followed the trip but some things about the trip i dont remember well. The first thing i noticed was how crystal clear, and brightly colored everything was. The soothing sound of the creek water spilling over the rocks really calmed me down and i felt as if i was ascending to a higher place. this intense portion of the trip only lasted about 10 minutes but strangely felt relaxed afterward. Id like to try it again and be sent to "outer space" if you will. I hope some of you found some insight on it if you wish to seek that, expand the boundaries of the mind and experience The Spirit Molecule. 

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